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Don't know about this, so help if you can


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Well my g/f was scared for a while about being pregnant, since her period was almost two months late. We took 2 tests (both came back negative) and we were making plans to go see a doctor. I told her it was due to her stress and change of lifestyle (she has a new full time job that's very strenuous, college class, and plenty of other things that were stressing her out) and she didn't really think that it was possible to make her that late. Anyways, she got her period a few days ago, after both of us laid down in her bed all night and she was able to put her mind to ease and just relax. The problem though, is that she was taking a shower and she said this big (around the size of a golf ball) red ball came out of her in the shower. She said she picked it up and it looked like a sack, and it had veins going through it. She opened it and said nothing but blood came out. Now neither of us know what this is, and were thinking it was a misscarrage (sp?), but we don't really know. So I guess I'm asking if any ladies, or guys, know what this is and what's going on? Although she's just really relieved that she got her period, she's trying to figure out if it was a misscarrage, blood clot, or something really bad. Any type of advice is welcomed and appreciated. I'll check back on this when I get back from teh store.

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Well thank you ladies and gents for the response, I think that I will tell her that we should still go see the doc just to find out what happened. I have another question to add. If it was a miscarriage (which I thought it was too), then could it have happened due to sex. You see about a week ago we were having sex, and in the process of changing positions, I noticed some blood on the condom. She figured that it was her period starting (since sometimes after sex her period will start if it's late) and we left it at that. The next few days though she didn't bleed anymore, and was really confused as to what was going on. Then the next day we went out and that night is when we slept in bed together (no sex) and she was able to really relax, which is what she needed to do for her period to come, which it did the next day. So as I was saying, do you think having sex that one night could have contributed to the miscarriage, or do miscarriage's happen for various reasons (as you can tell I don't know much about them, but would like to know more if that is what happened)? Thanks again.

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it's unlikely that it's due to sex.. she was probably too stressed out and too active.


be careful though... if girls have miscarriages before they actually give birth... they'll gave higher chances of having miscarriages in the future too.


you should always treat miscarriages like post pregnancy, give her a lot of nutrients and a lot of rest. =/

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