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Got A Number Through a signup sheet.How to Contact Without Being awkward ?


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Yesterday I met this guy I knew in high school. We never use to really talk and we hung out in different circle of friends.


I was doing a promotional university event on campus and saw him walking through the hallway and greeted him.He made his way over to my table, we made small talk and and I told him about the student club and program I was promoting. He acted interested and he signed up for the newsletter with his phone number. I didn't have my phone on me and didn't want to give him my number directly because certain people around.Otherwise we would have gotten each other's number I'm sure because we were certainly flirting with each other contact, tension, excuses to talk about things,and a lot of unspoken vibes.


Based on how I got his number through a sign-up sheet, I don't want seem creepy or like I usually pick up guys from our list serve.How do I text/contact him with seeming awkward? Should I talk about business, or ask him to hang out directly?How do I about that smoothly?

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I don't see any way you could do that without seeming a bit creepy. I know I wouldn't like it too much if a guy did this to me, regardless how flattering it may be that he went to this extent to reach out to me.


The fact that he was flirting and seemed attracted to you doesn't mean he is available, or even interested in dating you. Actually I always say, if he was interested, he would have made a move, he wouldn't have taken the chance to not ever see you again. I'm sure he would have figured out a way to maintain contact with you.


I'd let it go, and if he is indeed interested, he will ask around about you.

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Hmm... I agree with everything greta96 is saying... but guys are often less strict with the "creepy" thing.


Did he sign-up via email? Did he write legibly? Maybe you could sent him a text and say something like "Hey Freddie, it's Paula from the Student Club. I'm just typing the email addresses into the roster and I can't tell if your email address is Freddiel @link removed or Freddie1 @link removed. Could you let me know which is the right one?".


All business and see if he takes the bait.


I wouldn't ask him out directly, though, because I do agree that getting his name through the roster is a bit creepy.

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Are you on Facebook? If so, look him up on there and add him if he's on there. People that I once knew and that i have bumped into years later have added me on there. Even people from high school that I haven't seen in years have added me. I would not use his information from your sign in sheet to contact him.

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Agree with not using the number from the sheet. While some guys might be flattered - it's definitely in that grey area since the information wasn't provided to you for personal use.


Facebook, the telephone book, university student email listings are all ways you could try to reach out without coming accross as stalkerish or creepy. Since you went to high school together it even gives you a ready opener to talk to him again, say you enjoyed seeing him again, and would like to meet up sometime. But use contact information that's public domain - not something that he provided for a newsletter.

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Missed opportunity.


He didn't put his phone number down for you to use for your own purposes--he put it down for legitimate business purposes. You taking the number for your own personal use, even though you may think you had this connection, would be unethical.


When the time comes for your organization to have an event, that is when you contact him. He will either come or not come. Make sure you keep your phone on you at this event so that you can exchange numbers.

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