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She left me saying "we are too much like friends"

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So I have been with this girl for four years. We were very serious and I was about to propose to her. Then, within a week, our relationship falls to pieces. Finally I asked her what was going on and she says that we are "too much like friends" and that we need a break from eachother. Now, this is a relationship that we built on with a very strong desire to be the very best of friends so that we would never drift apart. Now, this is what destroyed us. So I pushed it a buit further and found out that some guy asked her out two days before that and her mother urgedher the week before to get some adventure and excitement into her life before she settled down at all. So now I am wondering if she left me because of this guy, because I did something wrong, or because her mother has that much influence over her. I am wondering if this will really be a break, or if it is really over and I need to move on. Further, if she does come back, do I want to take her back and can we ever find the level of trust that we once had or will we always question eachother and will that cost us something more than just a relationship? Not really sure how or why this is happening, but I have treated this girl like a princess for years and was ready to make her my queen. What does this mean to me, and how do I prevent this from happening in future relationships? Is a friendship a lousy foundation for a relationship?

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Perhaps she thought about you as friends the whole time, while you thought it was turning into something more serious. Did you do what boyfriends and g/f's typically do, as in, make out, hold hands, etc? Face it man - when a girl says she wants a break... think about it.. why would a girl that is truly interested in you want a break to separate from you? A girl who truly likes a guy isn't stupid - she won't risk what she has with you to do that.


It's a funny coincidence that she broke up with you for a break, yet, right away gets with someone else. She didn't want a break.. What she meant to say was that she wanted to "break" that relationship to be free to get with a guy she had more interest in. I hate saying this, but I'm trying to help you out. I think you should move on and meet new girls.

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No matter what the reason is. she is not ready to settle down as you are. So, you just have to let it go.


Most woman, not all, most just give a single answer, but trust me, there is more to it than that, BUT they won't tell you. You shouldn't force them to tell you.


Juat let her go, nad let her make a decision.


Its easier said than done. Don't lose contact, but just let her go and you go on with your life.


Its better before you got married than after you got married.



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