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she has a BF now i complecate things?

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I told her how i felt, she said it just complecates things, I said well it wouldnt matter if she didnt have feelings for me, and she said she knows,

She said im messin with her head, is she just trying to ignore the feelings she has for me, shes not talking to me now.

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You are putting yourself in a situation where you are going to be rejected 99% of the time. You made the mistake of telling her how you feel and expecting an immediate result. Now what you should have done is spend more time with her and give her the opportunity to like you, instead of forcing her to make an immediate decision.

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Well that's weird, because if she "thought" you had a g/f the least thing she could have done was asked for some sort of verification. But I agree.. You blew it by telling her how you felt. A guy should only admit how he feels when he already knows that the girl feels the same way. That way, both parties win.

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