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Nudie bar before marriage?

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Back in August my brother married a wonderful lady, and I was the best man. Anyways the wekk before the wedding, I threw a bacholar party, which I plan on taking him to his favorite drag strip, and hung out at his apartment. Of course there was the gift exchange. However THAT was all I planned. However him, the wife (who we will call Lilly) brother and Lilly's sister boyfriend, decided to take him to a nudie bar. I pretty much went home after that because if it ever came out I didn't want to have blood on my hands. Anyways lately this has been a problem for me. I mean so far they are having a successful marriage, but should my brother, Lilly's brother and Lilly's sister boyfriend taken my brother to the nudie bar that night? I mean he has been engaged to Lilly for 2 years, and I dunno. Its a conflict of moral for me. If its wrong, then should I come clean about it, or wait for one of them to spill the beans? I tried to put myself in Lilly's shoe and if I was her I woudl want to know what my husband did before we were married. But they are happy together, and I do not want to ruin a good marriage. Am I over-reacting or what?

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I don't think there's anything wrong with having a crazy bachelor party-type night, as long as he didn't physically cheat on her, which would be difficult since those places usually have look-but-don't-touch rules. But whether it was wrong or not it's his responsibility to tell her. And who knows, maybe he already has.

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I think you are over reacting. Most guys I know, In fact ALL of them got taken to nudie bars on their bachelors. Usually the bachelor does nothing, it is really the other (married) guys who want to see the girls, and the bachelor get's dragged with under pretence of his looming marraige.


My own husband came home the night of his bachelors with red candle wax all over his chest, sprinkled with hot wax and glitter. They even put the stripper's business card (with her picture on it) in his front shirt pocket.


I had a look at her, told him she was very hot, and we laughed about it. I trust him, I know he was humoring his buddies, they planned it, so how can I be mad at him? And he still married me, he loves me. It was a night of fun, he did not cheat, I put it out of my mind.


You should stop feeling guilty about it. Her husband has his own set of values and morals, and it is not up to you to judge, or condemn his actions. You were not there, so you don't know what happened. Leave it at that.

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I don't think this would be productive in ANY way!


I actually am a bit confused you would concider bringing that up! . I mean, you said it yourself, they'er doin fine. I mean, the last night in his life (HOPEFULLY) he will ever see anouther naked woman in person. He had his fun, no big deal. Don't get your shorts in a knot. This is one worry i would seriously! concider just dropping. It would ONLY cause trouble, and maybe she wouldn't care and it'd just make him mad at you.


Don't do this to your bro man, no value, you'll understand at your blachlors part 2, i can garanee it!

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