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I dated a guy for 2 1/2 years almost 3 and was very in love with him. However he was 6 years younger but mature so I thought... He cheated on me twice while we were together..this I found out after we broke up..since then I havent trusted him at all, although have feelings for him and know he is not a good person for me..He is always on an emotional rollercoaster...we had casual sex for a year and big mistake on my part...although it was great...he wanted to get back together ,,then a few days later said he didn't ...bottom line I'm very attracted to him but his personality has changed and he says he's a very good person but his actions are another...about 2 months ago I stated again that I never wanted to hear from him and to please stop leading me on and calling me...well a week ago he send me an e-mail stating (bragging about himself) that he will be traveling allover europe and has opened up a business...like I care!!? my emotions are running like crazy again...and then he states he cares about me...what is his problem? I care but when I think about how he took me for granted....I feel hurt and used.... do I reply to his e-mail? PLEASE help!!

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You said you didn't care about his e-mails, but obviously you do. It sucks being in love with someone that's not in love with you. But what you need to do is get over him. Block his e-mail adress and deffinetly DO NOT reply. He is using you and is probably just feeling lonely and knows that you'll bend over back ward for him. Stop. You're relationship is unhealthy and it's hard, but let him know that you don't deserve to be treated that way, and he doesn't deserve you by "simply" ignoring him. Just don't give in.



Good Luck!

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This guy is bad for you. You know this yourself yet you still pine after him.


It isnt your fault that you still have feelings for him but you have to be strong and not give in to him. You have to value yourself more than him. To love yourself you have to treat yourself well and going back to a guy that is hot and cold and has cheated on you is definitely not being good to yourself. You think he may change? Maybe, but dont count on it, he has already hurt you enough in the past and frankly you cant take anymore risks with this guy.



The best thing you can do? Just dont reply. Why? he isnt worth the time or effort. If he keeps bugging you, tell him to go away.


Concentrate your energies somewhere else. You will meet someone nice. Someone better than this guy.

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