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Am I just too nice.

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I have been friends with a girl for a little over two months. I've tried to show her that i care for her but, I haven't verbally told her how I feel. However, she said something that struck me as odd, I'm not sure what step to take next. She pulled me near her and said "You've become my closest friend, I know that isn't what you we're wanting to hear. But I need you to know that." The part that shocked me was the "I know that isn't what you wanted to hear." part. Was she indirectly telling me she already knows how I feel about her though I've never told her? She also keeps pointing out what guys she is interested in and that she is un-seriously dateing and they are all rebelous types, totally unlike me, yet every one is totally jealous of me. I don't understand why they are...it doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, any suggestions?

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It sounds to me like she's figured out your interest in her and she's let you know that what she's after right now in you is a friend. If she's pointing out 'un-serious' dates it could mean that she's just wanting to have some fun right now. Were you interested in stepping up to the plate? I'd suggest stick it out actually. She knows you're there...she knows you're interested...maybe if she gets these other guys out of her system she'll wake up to the person who's right there for her. The guys are probably jealous of you because you actually have a decent relationship with her...something that she's not giving to them perhaps? Sorry I can't be much more help then that...it's late...but that's what I got out of it.



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Well, it seems like she knows how you feel about her, and she wanted to let you down gently. You said you haven't told her how you feel verbally, but you've tried to show it instead, and I commend you on that. Too many guys persist on trying to verbalize how they feel, and this is a recipe for disaster (until you know the girl feels the same). I think it was wrong of her to say "and I know that's not what you want to hear," because it makes her sound like she's trying to elevate herself by saying that. My advice bro - continue being her friend, but try to get your mind off of her romantically by meeting other girls.

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i think she likes u as a friend but all the other guys in her life are not serious type relationships, so in my opinion, she is asking u to be there as her best friend for now and one day when she wants a serious relationship,maybe, just maybe she'll realise that u are the one for her

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it's a common problem, I think. She's not interested in you as a boy friend now, so try to forget her. Since female friends are invaluable, be happy that you have such a good relationship. And the first time someone asks you: "Is she your girlfriend?," you'll gonna be very very happy and see the friendship differently. It's hard, and I know that, to see her flirting with others, but, hey, you can always get her away from other guys with the excuse: "I have to talk to you right now, please help me: see that wonderful blond girl over there? What can I do?"



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