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My Parents are Dating.... each other

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i don't exactly know what to think or feel. my dad has always been in my life, i visit him as much as i can, but now my parents are dating leaving me inbetween (along with my 3 sibblings) if it didnt work the first time would it work again? I'm 16 and it doesnt make much of a difference to me but my younger brother (13) would have to deal with my mom calling my dad "mean" names if it doesnt work out this time. My mom keeps asking me what i think she should do. She is in her 30's and is kinda growing up with myself my twin and older sister since she didnt have much of a growing period when she had us... What should i tell her. I Already tell her i think its weird and going to put us all in weird positions...

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Well, if it did not work he first time, the question to ask is why, why did it not work? The next question to ask is why will this time be any different? People change, circumstances change, so it may work. I'd tell your Mom and Da to take it slow.


How would you and your siblings feel if it does work?

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