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The gift of giving... or is it?


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So I've been dating someone for a couple months now and things are looking very good. With Christmas fast approaching, I'm already looking ahead to possible gifts to give to this girl.


For 2 years now I've had a gift sitting in my drawer that I once bought for a girl I had a huge crush on. I found out things weren't going to work out before I got the chance to give it away. Now, I'm considering giving it the girl I'm dating. Though a part of me feels like I shouldn't... i'm not sure why.


What would you fellas do? Mentally, i see it has not wanting to "waste" the purchase of the gift. On the other hand, it's not quite as special because I did not specifically get it for the girl I'm seeing now. Hmm..

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Do not give this girl that present! She will find out somehow and it will backfire. Also, there seems to be a reason you are still holding onto this gift. If it holds special memories for you, keep holding on to it. If not, then throw it away or donate it.


You should choose something that shows this girl you know her well. Skip any gift sets or gift certificates. I suggest you give her a variety of things she loves, and not necessarily high dollar either since you haven't been together for long.

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Well, while I don't see a problem with you giving her the gift you bought for someone else a long time ago, the fact that you are doubting it answers your own question. Listen to your gut here, get her something that's more personal.


As for the gift in question, is it an item that would be an appropriate gift for your mother/sister/co-worker/female friend? If not, I think like jbutterfly said, you should donate or discard it, unless you have some memories attatched to it. Do you feel comfortable telling us what it is? That may help us give suggestions as to what to do with it...


For the record, I'd like to say that personal gifts (cheap or not)that are well-thought out, are a lot better than expensive, impersonal ones.

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You need to ask yourself why do you want to give her a present? Do you feel that you are going to get a present? If you are going to give her a gift then I believe it should be a semi personal gift, something that she has mentioned that she wanted but it shouldnt be expensive. You could give her the present that you already have if it suits her. I would get some idea from her if you are going to exchange presents and what kind of money will be spent on the present. You have to do this subtlely however cuz you dont want it to be overly obvious.

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Hi Ceema - yeah, I agree with the others that you should not give this particular gift to the new girl. Why don't you donate it to a charity or something if you don't want to waste it?


But once and for all, get rid of it and start fresh with this girl.

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Thanks everyone, for your input. I see where you guys are coming from and you've given me pause about giving this gift away.


The gift in question is a nice, modest bracelet... about $50 in value. I bought it spur of the moment a couple years back, thinking I would give it to my crush for Christmas. The next time I saw her, I came to my senses a bit and realized what I was doing and kept the bracelet ever since.


It's one of those situations... where it's an innocent enough gesture and she wouldn't know the difference. But I would know. I just feel like I'm pawning off the gift to her, as a way to get rid of it.


So maybe I will just give the bracelet to someone else or to charity. It's not like I'm lacking for other gift ideas.


Thanks again people 8)

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