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Confession: Owning up to what I've done to my boyfriend

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So then he has no idea that this whole story is a lie right? Maybe you should tell him that already if you haven't. Yes it's going to make him upset but it seems like he is already upset enough thinking that it actually happened. Let him know that you made a mistake and apologize about it, etc. I'm not really sure what the best way to present that would be, but I think you should tell him the truth if you haven't already.

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Telling him the truth isn't an option until several months or even years after he's broken up with me.


At this point, for the following 100% practical reasons (let alone emotional reasons) I cannot tell him:


1. It will get back to my parents


2. Something terrible could then potentially happen with the police (Im pretty sure filing a false police report is illegal)


3. I am not sure yet what my boyfriend is capable of, if TRULY given a reason (he was upset enough when he simply thought I had been taken advantage of). I don't think he would hit me, but I can never be sure, seeing as how bad this is.


4. I will have to go to therapy

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Wow... That is one hell of a lie... I like the thought of just telling the truth... Just tell your boyfriend that it was a lie and why you told that lie... You made everything up because you felt like you two were growing apart, right? Well, if he really wants to stay together with you, he'll forgive you. It's important to know that what's done is done and that can't be altered, it's what you do now to correct the events in the past. If you tell your boyfriend and your parents the situation you were in and why you did what you did and that you are truly sorry and didn't mean for things t o get blown so out of proportion, I'm sure they'll forgive you. They may not like it, but certainly they'll forgive you. And if it were me, I'd make a solemn pact between the three of you NOT to tell the police, because if they find out it was a lie, then it'll completely ruin your going to an Ivy League school. This is just my advice, but you don't have to listen to me.

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Oi, what a mess. And how sad of me to admit that I have had these kind of thoughts about making up a drama too. But I never had. Instead they happened for real. But that's besides the point here.


You need to come clean, at least to your boyfriend. And DBL is right, it is a criminal act to make a false statement, however, I wouldn't worry about that too much. You didn't accuse a particular person, and even if you would (as I did when I was actually sexually harassed), they need a lot of evidence before they can do something.


You have 2 options, and you know them. Either you walk through a relationship and it fails because you are never able to live with this lie, or you fess up and it's up to him. Either way, I think the relationship wasn't too healthy in the first place.



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