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SEX Problem!!!! HELP!!!

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Me and my boyfriend have been fooling around a lot, but we never had vaginal sex only anal then we stop the anal thing because its freaking killing me!!!!It hurts Like it really does hurt.


Anyways, last week I decided that I am ready to have sex (vaginal), but the only problem is it won't go in Everytime he presses his penis down my vagina it hurts, and I would just pushed him away. I tried to masterbate because probably I need to be in the mood for sex to make it feel good. Plus!!! he could just push it in easily, but I am sad to say he only got half an inch of his tip in. I have to push him away again because it hurts...like OMG...does sex hurts like this??!!! What should I do I need help? Any advice. probably I'm just dry down their...i dunno. Probably somethings wrong with me....

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tiger lilies,


Ummm....we did tried lube but it still won't go in. I'm a virgin...well probably 3/4 virgin since he got half his tip in ...I dunno. Yeah, I know its weird to try anal before vaginal, but I wasn't ready for the real sex thing and the loosing virginity thing, but my boyfriend really wants to have sex, so I said why not try anal. I really want the vaginal sex to feel good. 8)

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I too am surprised you tried anal first...that is something that definitely takes time for me to work up to..lol.


Anyway, with the vaginal penetration, if you are nervous and tensing up your muscles are going to contract even more. Your muscles need to get used to stretching to accommodate - so for one relax, get him to go very very slow, use lots of lube, and have him use fingers to help stretch a bit. The first couple times might hurt and not be enjoyable, but as you go on, and get more comfortable with it and who you are it gets a lot more enjoyable and feels really, really, really good.

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