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I'm normally a good girl. I follow most rules, always obey my parents, do my homework, do farely well in school, get into the honor roll, blah blah blah. But recently, I've become so tired of just being me.


I love the adrenaline of danger. The feeling of breaking rules, and the rush of rebelling against everyone.


I'm a Soph. and today was my first time cutting class. It wasn't a core class (French), and it was a class I usually sleep in but still get an A in. I loved it. We (one of my girlfriends and I) drove around in a car with her boyfriend (she's 15, he's 19 --i think). We drove around from place to place, and hung around playing billiards for a few hrs.


This is something so un-me...but I loved it so much. I even put up with their smoking (reg. cigs and weed) in the car, and the songs they were playing in the car (mostly songs about smoking weed). There were three guys in the car...Trent (my friends bf), Chris (his friend), and Rodrigo (a guy my age that used to go middle school with me). It was really awesome.


Is something wrong with me? I know the natural thing to think is that I'm doing something bad, but have you ever gotten so sick of being such a good girl/boy all the time, that you just want to break out, and rebel against everything? I dont know. I just wanted to see everyone elses opinions on this. About breaking out of the regular routine, and doing something risky and living for once.

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been there done that ..im 19 now ..and i take pride in knowing i try to be the best person i can possibly be....i mean have your fun ..but hopefully ur not left with a load of regrets that will come back in haunt you ....def dont get involved with drugs...good luck ..and have some good clean fun

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Wow this sounds exactly like me...(lol) When I was a junior I used to ditch my 7th period class alot...Which was odd for me to do cuz i was an honor student who is known as a "saint" by all my friends and everyone who knew me..I was really tired of everyone thinking I was good all the time and never took risks so one day I decided to ditch...I liked it soo much the first time I did it that I began to make it a big habit and ditch other classes to go shopping with my friends....Well my point is I was really stupid ditching classes because now i'm really paying for it cuz now i have to make up 3 classes I failed and everyone who once thought I was smart now thinks i'm a complete idiot....Not to mention I my friends really began to influence me and when they wanted me to ditch classes...If I could go back I would change everything and I wouldnt have gone with my friend to go ditch class....So my advice to you is just be who you are and dont let people influence what you do..Ditching once isnt going to kill you but if you continue to ditch it might become a really bad habit that you cant break out of..And even though you think your tired of who you are alot of people probabably really respect the person you've become and really respect your morals..... 8)

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I was never a good kid. I was always in trouble and getting suspsened.


Eveyrone likes a good adrenalyn rush, but skipping class...thats not a big deal...everyone used to do it. Want an adrenalyn rush and to try to break out of the typical you...join a sport.


Also..I always got caught skipping. You couldn't skip in my school without getting caught...don't your teachers report you as missing for class?


Anyway...if you are a good student be a good student, don't screw up like the girl above did. Don't forget you have to pay consequences somewhere along the line.



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If you start to skip class now just wait till college. TRUST me its not far away, If you get into a rut is skipping class in high school you will not even won't to go to college classes and flunk out or waste your parents money. Besides whats 45 min at the most, high school is easy so just go to the class, no one will think your a good girl for that, they well think your a smart girl. Oh, and about your friends smoking weed around you, do you like that, when they smoke around you.

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classes last an hour and forty-five minutes. i didnt mind or care about the smoking. i skipped french. a class i normally sleep in anyway. i cant join sports (doctors orders cuz i have asthma and a chronic knee). the teachers mark you absent...my high school is in the city. accross the street from a shopping center, three blocks away from the mall..a block away from the movie theatres..two blocks away from the billiard hall..you get the idea..its also three blocks away from the beach. our campus isnt fenched in, and the security guards dont care if you ditch.

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Hey I can kind of feel what you are feeling. I tend to be too much of a good student. But you know what? If you want to make it through college then you really do have to be a good student. Yes, some courses are the "skippable" type courses but when you get deeper into your field (like me) then you have to take school a lot more seriously or else you will have a lot of trouble passing. At the same time, it never hurts to skip a day once in while (once in a while != every other day). Don't get into that rut of skipping whenever you feel like it or it will be difficult to break out of that habit in the future.


The definition of fun does not have to be associated with the word bad. You usually have the weekends off right? Use that time to go do some fun things. After school is always another good time of course. Just be careful if you decide to be bad one day. And don't let peer pressure get to the best of you.

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