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i feel al ot more lazy then usual every since...

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a good friend passed away recently and ever since..Ive just been a lazy person...Like the easiest thing like makin my bed makes me tired and just want to sleep...


I keep on wanting to sleep and dont know whats itt is..


Is it that im just greiving right now and will be fine later...I have accepted the fact that he passed on , but i just can't seem to move on.


We had plans this weekend and now we don't and no matter what i do i cant see him again besides through is mom and dad and siblings , but never him and his spark of personality.


Is there ne thing u can sugest? like a vitamen that wil keep me going right now. Tests are on monday and i can't seem to concentrate on my studies..

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i agree, depression tends to make people very fatigued and not care about things that they used to care about (like schoolwork). its totally understandable that you are grieving right now, and i am so sorry to hear about your friend, it must be so hard for you and his family and his friends. if you are having a hard time in school, i would talk to a guidance counselor. i think in certain situations, you can get your tests and assignments postponed until you are feeling a little better. i am not sure what to tell you about staying awake, because it seems like youre tiredness is a mental thing, not a physical thing. just allow yourself to grieve, its something that you need to do

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i have something else to add........ ya it could be depression....... but it could also be lack of iron...... im annemic too...... so if you havn't been eating properly, you just want to sleep all day and i have a period where i totally crashed and slept like 22/7 for 3 weeks........ i couldn't do anything basically...... try getting some multiperpose vitamins that have a big dosage of iron in them........ like 20 percent.......... and eating cereal, like froot loops or something, which have like 30 % iron in them........ you might find you have more energy!

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It's a good thing that you are aware of this laziness. Yes, it can be a symptom of depression or a beginning depression. Try to break through. You are having a hard time now. Maybe you can make yourself taking a walk outside every day. Even if it's just for 10 minutes, just let some air move through your hair.


Also sleeping too much can cause laziness (sleeping too much also being a possible symptom of depression) during the day.


Cut down to 8 hours a night and if you continue to be like this, try and find some counselling. Mental issues can be as exhausting as running a marathon. Getting over the death of a friend and putting that on a good place in your life somewhere is a heavy job.



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