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I need help,i dont understand my situation,PLEASE help me

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ok,I have this friend and her moms boyfriend used to be a total jerk and her mom is VERY submissive,and cowers down very easy. So i was always there for her and she told me every thing and to this day have repeated nothing that she had told me. Once she told me she felt better,we were very close and she was happy, but then she got really depressed and basically gave up on life, and thats about the time that her moms boyfriend was being the nicest guy, he would take all of them out to eat, and he did everything for them, he even bought her a car. But nothing made her happy, she started ignoring her friends, dressed gothic, got many peircings and started to cut herself, when i asked her why she was sad,she said whats the point of being happy, eventually your going to be sad again. Its so hopeless now, theres nothing i can do to make her talk like she used to, all of her friends have basically given up, shes so bi-polar now, shes actually just started being mean to me too, and she even told me that sometimes she tries to make me mad for no reason,she will be very mean and then like an hour later shes like,oh, its ok im not in a bad mood anymore and expects you to not to be mad at her and acts like she never did anything to her, it really hurts what shes doing and I think shes doing alot of it for attention,but I dont know, maybe someone can help me PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

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I think she needs to get professional help. Sounds like she is going down for good. Maybe you need to talk to some local mental health professionals and see what they suggest.


Sorry I can't help you further, but you should still try to hang in as her friend.


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This is a complex issue to deal with and where a lot of things may look like she is doing it for attention she is probably not. I too am bipolar but had to go through a lot to be "normal" Being bipolar sometimes you hear things that aren't being said, you see people "talking about you" and you believe everyone in the world is out to get you. There are dilusions and nightmares, and so many other things. You can't put it on yourself to save her she needs professional help. Bipolar people will turn on the people that care for them first, then everyone else. It progressively gets worse.

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cutting ur self shows up complete self hate. you gotta work out if shes doing it for attention of if shes really means it. Sometimes its a mix of the two. Either way dont feel sorry for her by any means. That wont help your situation or her at all. Be the man and help her though whats shes going through with the advice below:


She needs a proffesional. forget the medication, that does nothing. Doctors will say prosac helps because ur brain isnt producing enough "happy" chemical. thats crap. The Prosac dose issued is so minor its pretty much a placebo. it makes u think its helping u though ur helping ur self.


Never tell her your game plan and help her though gradually. if she cuts her self and tells u shes feeling depressed. be firm (even if it kills you) never let her know its making u feel down, never give her extra attention. lines like "please dont"... "oh stop" never work. she will do it more and more.


u need to explore whats making her hate herself. this might be unrelated to any present issue. it might be back from childhood. or what ever. work it out and try and solve it with urself and the proffessional.


She needs to regain control again. and needs to solve a few issues. You might here her go on about the same thing over and over. this is a sign she cant solve it in her head and needs fresh advice (hence the proffesional) get her back into control and get her mind off it withthing shes good at.


bottomline is dont let it pull you down!!

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