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I am dating a girl for 3 years. She broke up with on 2 Jan officially. We do not have any communications ever since. After keeping NC for more than 2 months, I start to reach out to her. Ten days ago I sent a text (general message,), but no reply.


Today is Saturday and I feel very down. I did not control myself and called her at lunch time. Her phone rung but no replied. After 7 hours there is still nothing from her. I feel pain again. I thought she might be with some new guy right now or might not talking with me for ever. Why do I have such a feeling? Why cannot I let her go completely in my mind?


I know I should not have broken the NC. I feel I am now backing to some time ago and re-start to work it out.


Any advise is appreciated.

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if she was the one who broke up with you, if she had any regrets or wishes or planes to get back together, she should have called, time to move on my friend, easy say than done, she doesn`t have enough decency to answer you and tell you nicely its over for ever, so you don`t need someone who doesn`t have communication etiquette. move on and work on your self, show her that life can be way better

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