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I'm sorry for my harsh words. I'm still in a state of total shock and disbelief.


I came to you because i felt safe with you, i thought you would take care of me when my mind was not strong. You're mind is stronger than mine and i always knew it. I thought of all the people i have ever had you would be the one who would always be there and be my support, my rock. In return i would have always been there for you, i would have sacrificed my life if it meant saving yours. Whatever it took i would have never let you down when you needed me. It went without saying although i did say it many times. Even if the whole world lined up against you i would have stood in front of you and fought them off. Nothing, not a single thing could have stopped me protecting you, a bullet through the head would have been the only thing.


I'm sorry for all my anger. I'm sorry for making you feel rejected. I'm just so lost now i don't know what i'm doing anymore. You weren't just my friend, you were my 100% solid rock of granite, you were invincible in my eyes. I will always always love you with all my heart but you now have to finish the job you started. I can't go on. You owe me this much, you owe it me to finish it yourself. Do that for me, if you really did care for me like you claimed you did then finish what you have started. Do that for me.

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