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Is he showing signs that he likes me?


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I knew this guy classmate in university few months ago. We got along well during the first semester of studies but it changed suddenly when second semester started. During the first semester, he was rather nice to me, being protective of me. He is always trying his best to make me smile by doing funny actions. Sometimes, I do observe that he is observing if I am laughing or responding to his comical actions. There was once while my friend was away buying things and only left the two of us at the library desks, I was laughing as he made a very "cute" sound and he suddenly patted my head. It seems irony because he once told my friend that he doesn't like girls to touch his head because it is meant for his future girlfriend. But why is he patting my head? Also, he knows that I'm the emotional type and always asking me to get a boyfriend. Again, when there was only the two of us, he asked me why you don't want to get a boyfriend so I replied that it is not something that if I wished for, I would get it immediately. He asked why not trying to find one in school. Is he trying to hint or test if he is one of my choices? When we finished our last exam for the first semester, we went out together with another two friends. He complained that his legs were sore, the next moment he did was he laid his two hands on my shoulder with my back facing him asking me to piggyback him?! I have no idea why he did that. On that same day went we went to play console games, I used the name zx as my nickname, he seemed to assume that it was related to him because he gave himself a chiristian name which also started with the letter 'z' long ago. I just explained that zx represented something else and has no meaning relating to him. He actually used my house unit number as his player name.

However, in second semester, we didn't talk much because I had problems trying to reconnect him for the fact that we didn't really chat with each other during the holidays. I tried to talk it out with him in whatsapp saying I hope we can just be in talking terms as before. But he replied me "what are you expecting from me?" Though during the holidays, I did initiate to go out with him along with my other classmate, he didn't give me a precise answer whether to go anot. Few days later after the talking out session, he deleted me off Facebook. I have no idea why. Is it that I have offended him so much till the extent that he did that or he just wants my attention or he just hates me to the core? Why would a guy change drastically out of the blue? Few days after he deleted me off Facebook, he called my name out and passed me a brochure. I didn't know what was that for so I asked him. He told me it was just some rubbish paper. Sometimes I sense that he wants to stay within in sight because there was once during semester 2, I went in to his tutorial class for make up lesson. Though he was surprised to see me but there were many places that he could choose and he chose to sit the table in front of me with his side facing me. It is hard not to see his side because that was the direction i had to see in order to see the screen. Recently, I heard that during the school's one week break, he went to sit at the library tables where we used to had memories there. It was quite surprising because he usually prefers to sit at the cafe. Does it mean he still remembers and cherishes our friendship?Why is he so hard to understand? To me, I just hope to maintain our friendship like before. It has been bothering me for some time. I don't know if we could still be friends again. How would you even consider such weird situation? I don't think he is in love with me. Does he? I am not sure but I just want to know what exactly is he thinking

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I get the feeling that you two are of a different culture than I am, and I don't know if that has any effect on the situation here, but here's my thoughts on the matter. You are reading waaaaaay too much into things. You're taking small, random, everyday acts by him (patting your head, using your house number as a player name, sitting at a table that happens to be in front of you, sitting at a library table instead of the cafe) and putting big interpretations on them that to an outside reader like myself, are not justified.


The stuff he's been doing since break sounds like adolescent male behavior - like he's just doing his thing with no concern for what the consequences are or the affect they may have on other people. But to me, if I were you, the thing that would really just make me say "Forget him" is the fact that he deleted you off Facebook.


It sounds like he briefly considered you as a romantic interest, then changed his mind about it. It happens, and it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or that he "hates" you. You seem young, and if that's the case, take this opportunity to learn what is acceptable in dating behavior and what isn't.

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