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bf unable to find work help!

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my bf has two felonies that are 10 years old and a few trespassing violations. he lost his job 6 months ago and absolutely can't find any work. just when he thinks he's about to get a position, his background check comes back and then he doesn't get the job. he's starting to give up. he wants to leave town and thinks giving up is the only answer right now. i don't know how to help him. he was going through a temp service for a while, but all the jobs he got that were promised to lead to a job went nowhere because of his background. Please help....

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Cash corner (google it and the name of your city). If you live in a big city then there is a spot somewhere (more than one even) where one can pick up casual labour jobs. It is usually just outside of downtown or in the industriall area somewhere. Sometimes that can lead to something more steady. Show up early with steel toe boots, work glove and a hard hat. Just a suggestion.

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he likes to do music. he tried having a career years ago but it never took off. he likes physical work.


But what are his skills? Has he done construction? Does he have a CDL license? Does know a lot about or good at working with a particular computer program? etc

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Computers are out of the question if he has felonies. They often do background checks and make you go through security clearance. Ditto for banks, places that handle money, etc.


Has he thought of going back to school? Trades are the answer for him. You can make good money and they usually don't care if you have a record.


Driving a truck is also an option (but he needs a special license).


Unfortunately, having a criminal record is quite limiting.


He may also wish to speak to an attorney about what qualifications he would need for a pardon.

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