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did I do this wrong?


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so my gf and I broke up like 1.5 months ago. we keep contact here and there because i own her money. today I deposit the money into her account and said that "you and I don't own each other anything anymore, and go ahead and cancel the card" then she text me back saying "why did i mde this hard and thanks". then I text her and said that I a going to text her my feelings nothing serious. she said ok. so i text her everything that was on my head. like: everything that i do, i dd it for us and stuff like that. basically i express my deepest thought, and i felt good after saying all those stuff.

then I said i have been woking out and lost 15 bls and getting my muscles back and feeling good. she replied "good then". then i txt her saying not b feel sorry for me, I made mistakes and learn from it. i wish that the dude that she is with brings her good days and said that i know someday I will find someone better than here and she will the same because things only going to get better. she didnt text back

the things hat I said to herare: i did everything becuase I love her, i work hard work and school becuaes i want to create a future for us, i have always support her on everything and since she closed her door many have open up to me and i said that I still love her but had acept the relationship is dead.

DID i approach this wrong?

why did she said i make thing hard?

she broke up with me left me half dead inside..

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yeah kinda did but many of us are guilty of it...there is a period of time after the break up ive seen in many situations where it doesnt matter what you say to the dumper that deals with your past or you..to you it seems nice..to them they dont want to hear any of it...you actually push them farther away

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i feel for you man. i'm in the same boat. i want to tell her how i feel and all the pain she's caused me but everyone i know says that doesn't matter anymore and it will only push them farther away. so keep cool, hang in there.


i just think the fact that you deposited the many back to her and asked her to cancel the card probably made it worse. and to top it off, you told her you'll find someone better than her. those are hurtful things for her. if you love someone, you wouldn't want them to be with someone else, right? even if it's their happiness, you should never admit it. you should only wish them happiness and leave it at that. i wouldn't want my ex to be with anyone else, but do i have control over that? no. so there's no point in going down that road. just keep it positive and wish her well. but don't contact her, because just like Doc Blaze said, they don't want to hear any of it and you will push her away if you keep contacting her. i'm in day 7 of no contact and it hurts still. i miss her so much and just want everything to go back to normal, but again i have no control over that. she chose to break up and she made up her mind. until they realize they made a mistake (if ever) then there is no point in contacting an ex. if they contact you, keep it casual and positive.

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I thought that if i tell her what inside my head then she will know how i feel. but I guess I was wrong. this is the first time it ever happened to me. now that i have paid her back all the money I own her then I dont think we have any thing to text each other anymore.

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well we all go through this and it's a common mistake. if it is meant to be, then you will still be with her eventually. just be patient. i would apologize to her and tell her that it's an emotional reaction and you hope everything is going well with her.


check this out i think it will help you



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i just think the fact that you deposited the many back to her and asked her to cancel the card probably made it worse. and to top it off, you told her you'll find someone better than her. those are hurtful things for her.


I think he should have paid the debt and kept quiet (or kept to an extremely short comment). But since that didn't happen, I actually think making that statement was one of the better things he did. You can't whine and cry yourself back into someone's heart. If you're going to say anything, making a few "closure" comments are the next best thing to NC. I wouldn't apologize for anything here. She broke up with him - this is her decision that she has to live with. Now hithere89, you need to go full NC - give her the gift of missing you. As lancelot873 said, it won't guarantee she'll realize her mistake, but if you want her back, it's your best shot.

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