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Am I reading too much into this?


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I met this woman through friends almost a year ago and things have changed over the course of this year and I wanted some thoughts on what certain things meant. In the beginning we were very awkward around each other and didn't really communicate. If people suggested that we date, she would pause and deflect the question.


All of a sudden almost 6 or 7 months down the road, she started becoming more physically comfortable around me, being more talkative, and generally became more open. I understand over-analyzing isn't the best thing to do, but in this case, I want to be completely sure there is interest on her side before doing anything.


- in a group setting she acts playful, cracks jokes, etc. but when we are alone, she tries to have a normal serious conversation


- sometimes i catch her staring at me and when I look back, she maintains eye contact (sort of a dreamy look?)-with no expression on her face- if i make facial expression she imitates it


- she started texting me occasionally after I did-- just small talk , so naturally I kept texting also about 50% of the time but sometimes when I reply/initiate a text- she won't reply back and if I see her in person and I bring it up, she will apologize and give a reason as to why she didn't respond-- sometimes I feel like she's doing it on purpose when she says she doesnt remember if she texted me?


- she is comfortable mentioning the fact she hooked up with someone the night before, in a group setting and no she doesn't gauge my reaction from it


- she is very physical sometimes, comfortable with me in her private space, will randomly playfully punch me



overall, i can generalize the fact that she may be naturally flirty (i'm not sure if she acts the same way around other people)-- but what can I really take from this? also, when texting her, she doesn't really ask questions to keep the conversation going but she'll reply pretty quickly. Should I ignore all of it and just see what happens?

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I'm in my late 20's, and the woman in her mid 20's. I had a feeling the things I mentioned would seem sort of "young" or "childish" but I'm trying to act on whatever I notice. The whole reason I started thinking about all of this was because on one hand, there was a drastic change (going from awkwardness to the state it is in now), but then there are other factors that seem to throw it off. I'm definitely interested in her but dont want to end up making the wrong move, because if it does end up wrong, it would change a lot and this is one of those instances where I'd rather not make a move if I'm not 100% sure.


-also I know this may seem weird.. but if I'm on my phone sometimes she'll come over and I notice her reading whatever I'm texting.. I know it seems a bit nosey but maybe there is a reason?

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