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How do I date at 30?


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I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm a 30 year old who hasn't dated in nearly 8 years. And dating in young twenties is what everyone is doing at that age. Now all my friends are married with kids or engaged and I'm recently single. My bar days are behind me for the most part and I just don't see how I can meet someone new. How do I go about getting back out there?


Any tips, advice, warnings etc.

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i had a good one online but ended (not related to online though). so try the online, it won't hurt but be prudent on who you will go out with.


in my church we have a singles program to which i am a member and i have met a lot of people there, nothing romantic so far though.


there are a lot of venues, just put yourself out there. it works.

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I was married for much of my 20s and found I enjoyed dating much more afterwards than I did before. Like you, I had previously met girls in bars / clubs and that environment (alcohol, loud music, the meat-market effect) is fine for pick-ups but not so much for meeting interesting people. Depending on the size / policies of your employer, work was a good place for me. Attached friends (especially women) often enjoy setting people up so when you're ready let your female friends know you're open to dating. I met some awesome people through online dating but be prepared to meet some not so great ones too. If nothing else you'll get some funny anecdotes out of it...I sure did. Might just be my type but art museums seemed to be full of hot, intelligent girls. People often go alone, you have a ready-made source of conversation (whatever is on display) and there's always somewhere nearby you can invite them for coffee. The main reason I enjoyed it so much more when I was older was that there were less games, girls have a much better idea of what they want and there was less of a social effect (i.e. guys & girls trying to impress / not lose face with their friends). I found it a lot easier to just be myself, enjoy the conversation and see where it leads than I did when I was younger. Good luck!

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