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Something I'm doing wrong?


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So I met a guy while I was visiting home last. I've posted this story before, so I won't get in to it too deep. We seemed to hit it off fairly well, and he asked me to hit him up again when I was home next after taking me to see a movie before I left. Fast forward to now. We've spoken here and there over the past couple months, and I'm leaving tonight to visit home for a week. I sent him a message saying I'd be back, and, a day and a half later he got back to me letting me know his schedule and asking when I'd be in town. This morning I got a text saying he was going out of town last minute for exactly [insert duration of my trip] and he was sorry we wouldn't be able to hang out. Naturally I think he just doesn't want to hang out, but I'm not eliminating the possibility he does actually have last minute plans to see his family as well. Just very interesting that this trip comes up the day before I arrive, and it's for the exact same amount of time. I told him he could have just said "I don't want to hang out" - he assured me that wasn't the case. People lie all the time.


We don't live near each other, but I must admit that I'm bummed. I realise that the likelihood of us dating was super slim, but I was open to just hanging out. I suppose I was enjoying the possible attention from someone who I had a genuine interest in.


The reason I've posted this thread was to a) vent my disappointment and b) ask if it's something I'm doing wrong? I've fallen in to this trap before - meeting guys out of town. I just always seem to meet ones I genuinely like when I'm visiting places. I have had minimal luck meeting someone in the area where I live (which is a big city!) and I am waiting for a break.


I'm about to be 24, and I've been struggling with this dating issue since I was about 16. Now, I know I'm not that old, but I've never had a relationship that's lasted more than a couple months! Is it too much to ask for something semi-serious? Why can't I meet someone where I live that makes me feel like the guys I meet when I'm out visiting somewhere? They say not to try and find love and it will find you, but I must say that I'm running out of patience, and each time I meet something that amounts to nothing (after definitely being led on - maybe it's my mistake?) my heart just breaks that *little* bit more.

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