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  1. Hi all. 31 year old male, gay. A couple months ago I started a new job and there's a couple 18/19 year old guys that work there. Since coming out at 24 I've only been interested in other people around my age. One guy in particular at this new job caught my eye from day one, however he's only 18, which is so unusual for me. I really don't want to be that older man that creeps on young guys. Initially it was only a "wow, he's kind of attractive" and it ended there, but after working with him quite a bit my infatuation for him has begun to develop and grow. I have flirted with him here and t
  2. I've been dreading this week for months because I knew you were leaving. You included me in your going away festivities only because I hit you up first. I have no regrets seeing you up until now. I text you today to say goodbye and you couldn't even reply. This is not how I thought this would play out. This is not how I wanted our final encounters to end. I'm crushed. You could've said thank you and I would've been fine. But not this. This stings.
  3. You resurface regularly these days and I bite every time. We're about to be thousands of miles apart for the next few weeks, then you move later in the summer. I dread the fact that I'm going to miss you being nearby. I'm still not fully over you. I can't tell anymore where you're at but I know you must still contact me for a reason. I'm still not going to contact you first. If you want to talk you know where I am. I wish I could forget you. Draw a line under you. Just move on completely. Yet I can't and I don't understand why. Months on and I'm still infatuated. The thoughts of you are just e
  4. There's nothing wrong with the way that you feel. But you should accept who you are! The way you are feeling right now only confirms that being gay isn't a choice - you're born that way. Coming out to yourself and your friends and family is a unique process to everyone and happens at all stages of life. Surely you must have SOME friends who you can talk to? You'll feel so much relief when you find your feet and are comfortable starting to tell people, if only one other person at first. Do you have any female friends? I know it feels tough now, but it'll be okay! Every gay/bi/trans person g
  5. @RayRay63 - that all blows my mind. When I've dumped in the past I've never done this to anyone. This has been recurring week after week. I would've expected him to get bored by now. Why keep pinging me over and over again? The RS wasn't even that long.
  6. I can relate to this. My ex split with me last month. He's since led me on and backed off again when I called him out on it. His actions contradict what he's said to me when we've had conversations since. He has told me he still likes me, what ever that means to him. I think he's a very confused person. One day he deleted me entirely saying if I can't be friends with him he doesn't want to see photos of me and what I'm doing - a few hours later he re-added me. I don't "follow" him on instagram - I don't look at his stories, snaps, posts, etc., but he watches everything I put on there. Some
  7. For what it's worth he isn't going to text you and let you know he's sad (if he indeed is). He's going to make it seem like he's doing well. He's not going to put out there that he's down. I wouldn't read into his "haha" comment more than I needed to.
  8. Today you broke up with me. We hadn't been dating long and I know you're new to the dating scene and don't know what you want. I pushed through and accepted how you felt because I just liked being with you because I like YOU. We butt heads a few times due to misunderstandings but we kept giving each other another chance. You'd cancel plans on me, change them around, show up late and on one occasion felt like you just omitted me entirely. I'd express my frustration and concern and you would say I stress you out when I do that. Your travel schedule is all over the map and unbeknownst to you I ma
  9. Please, let's just agree to disagree. I totally respect your POV and can only thank you enough for taking the time to talk about it. I can only explain so much before a third party would need to have been there to see how everything went down. With the fine details my original post would've been 3x the length. It really did seem like a spur the moment date, and guess what - people usually drink on a date and it felt like a date, at least the first 3/4 of it did. I've been on enough of them to know the difference between it and a hook up. It's my fault for not clueing in before hand which way h
  10. @MissCanuck - that's terrifying! Thank you for sharing your story. @Batya33 - I really appreciate your input and I don't disagree with most of what you (and everyone else) is saying - I DO usually take precautions when it comes to meeting strangers and it's rare I have anyone home after the first encouter. This was a one-off that I admit I misjudged. I want to point out that at no point no one was driving after drinking. The area in which I live has a pretty good nightlife and where we went was all within walking distance. By the time 5am rolled around and he left I can safely say that neit
  11. Yes. Seems to be the same consensus all around. I know he doesn't owe me anything in terms of a response, but it's the right thing to do. Should've ignored me from text #1 after we parted ways. It wasn't my intention to hook up. In all honesty I only expected to hang out a few hours, but I wasn't expecting a one-night stand or ending back at my home. What you're all saying makes sense. I just needed confirmation on my gut instinct, which is mostly in line with everything you've all said. I guess I wanted to believe it was something more. I'll be fine. I just hate the sting that comes from t
  12. Thanks, guys. I understand what you're saying about the whole stranger thing. It didn't even occur to me at the time to think this. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character and at no point did I feel I was in danger or that the night at all was precarious. Not even a hint. Very genuine guy and even though this is how things are right now I still don't believe that it was anything beyond a friendly encounter. I have met people under similar conditions where I wasn't comfortable and I ended the night early. It did occur to me that our encounter was a booty-call, and Saturday night
  13. As the thread title suggests, I had a date and now there is just radio silence. I get it, they're not interested, but here's the back story shortened up into a couple nice paragraphs: Last Friday at work I matched with a guy on Tinder and it got off to a great start. I'm 29, he's 28. Very charming and quite attractive. By that evening he was asking me what my plans were and he ended up coming to my neck of the woods despite my insistence that we meet half way to be fair. It was a late start to meeting up, probably ~10pm, and it would've taken him about 45 minutes at that time. I was even mo
  14. We broke up before Thanksgiving. After almost a year together you put yourself back on the dating scene almost immediately. I head you're already talking to someone new and that hurts me so much. You're like me in a way and I'm surprised you can already shift your attention to someone new. I on the other hand can't bare that just yet and need to continue healing and mourning our relationship before I can allow someone to fill the void you left in my life. Wishing you all the best. I'm so hurt that you have moved on from me so quickly but I'd like to think that you're still struggling in your o
  15. I was in your city this past weekend. Such a beautiful place. Just as I remembered it. There was just one thing missing: you. Everywhere I looked I remembered that I had been there with you at some point. I avoided some areas of town which would have hit home a little too hard. Some feelings resurfaced and I became eager to leave. The drive home was awful. I cried again, just like I did when I would leave you to go home for the work week. I don't think there's one time I have left your city without crying.
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