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Is it a date? Advice needed...

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Okay I was gonna ask this guy out for a date today but I got really nervious and well... I didn't. But he asked for my phone number and asked if I wanted to meet up with him on thursday at the coffee shop where he works. I'd said I'll see you thursday as I forgot at lunchtime when i genrally go for my lunch there (mondays) he told me that he was having thursday and friday off and as I was walking away I thought 'hang on he's not working' I felt like a bit of an idiot. But he said he thought the same and he wanted to ask my number but didn't get a chance.

I've liked him for a while now and we had ciggy convosations because we are some of the few people in my group that smoke (so we have to go to the smoking area in which we never sit).

So I'm wondering if it's a date or not.. should I dress casual or dress up a little? I know I should just act myself though.. how long should a coffee date last? Should I surgest we go to the pub after or would that be too forward? eep... I'm really nervious and it might be over nothing.. as he is one of my friends but we never met apart from when other friends were there and since it's his work his colleagues will be there... and one of my other friends works there but he has thursday off too..

Advice would be much apreicated.

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It sounds like a "sort of" date. So "sort of" don't dress up, but look good. As for what to do after having coffee, don't worry about that yet, just see how the conversation, etc. flows and if you two get along nicely, then yeah, change the venue.

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