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I Just Don't Understand It....1

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Ok, so my ex broke up with me in Oct. I got many different reasons as to why she was leaving except the real one. About a month or so later I learned the real reason.....I was dumped for someone else, that hurt bad. She lied to me repeatedly about it all. I changed my number and haven't spoken to her since. I've been NC for over a month now.




End of story right? Wrong. I've since learned everything she did (cheated on me) and said behind my back leading up to the break-up and the month or so after. We went to college together and shared the same group of friends. I graduated already. She has been telling the same group of friends that she was only keeping me around because I was giving her money. She also told them she didn't really like me at all anymore and was basically just using me. Wow. Really? She certainly had me fooled. Here I was thinking I was helping my girlfriend with her financial struggles and I'm being used.





My thing is, there was no cheating (on my part at least), abuse or anything like that. So why trash me like that? She dumped me!!!! I don't understand the need to badmouth me. I did nothing to deserve it.



So I got cheated on, dumped for someone else, and then trashed to my friends.



The entire time before I went NC she is offering her "breadcrumbs" by calling/txting and telling me she misses me. It's just crazy to me.




I know most of you will say that it really doesn't matter now and to move on and let it go, which I will. However, that doesn't change the fact that it bothers me. I just don't understand it.




Anyway, thanks for reading...! I just needed to vent a little.

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I was cheated on, and replaced in Oct as well. She tried to text me 2 days after the breakup asking how I was doing.. I didnt respond. I havent heard from her in 4 1/2 months now, since pretty much the day after it all went down. It hurts so much to be used, I really dont know how people can do it.. Im still heartbroken over it, but I dont dwell on it nearly as much as when I first did thank god. Time will help you move on, if you wouldve been in NC the whole time, you'd probably feel a little better like I am now.. but now is your chance to go NC for good.

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Going through a similar thing right now, so I know how you feel. I would of rather her told me the truth then lie to me and me finding out myself. I've been NC for a month now too and she has said some pretty mean and painful things as well via social media. Metrogirl has got it right though, Karma will get her one day.

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Users will end up getting their own just desserts later. She may find the 'one' and will likely have her heart torn out by someone that she cares about. Karmic justice always prevails.


I agree with this. Everyone get what they deserve eventually. It might take longer for some but they will pay eventually. Just try to focus on yourself and let things happen. Although my circumstances are a bit different but I was cheated on too. Because of those circumstances I was able to forgive but not forget my ex. I still even want her but I'm not going to sacrifice my self-respect on her alter. However in your case, don't waste your time on her. Your ex is officially scum.

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Some people feel the need to knock others down in order to feel good about themselves. Just be glad that you dodged this bullet, just imagine if you were still with her and had gotten married or had a kid before you found out the truth. Bullet dodged. Be thankful and go find someone who truly wants to be with you and make you happy.

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My ex is getting what he deserves I think. I don't know if she treats him well, but she mooches. Sadly, he is on the verge of financial collapse and she does nothing to help him. Yep. That is what he replaced me with.

You don't deserve to be trashed sounds like. Some people are just low like that. I am sorry.

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