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  1. I'm thinking about the article I read in which a 14 year old is getting frozen so she can be brought back to life. ......
  2. People that think they're always right. And when you tell them what you think, they just shut you down.
  3. You need to talk to someone, maybe a therapist. They'll help you, because that's what you need. Your ex has moved on, she moved on a long time ago. She's living a life which you're not a part of anymore, sadly. But that's life. You need to let go otherwise you will never have any real relationships with anybody else. As for your current girlfriend, this isn't fair on her.
  4. Now that I'm over you, I can't believe how many tears I wasted on you. You were a massive waste of time and I regret ever loving you.
  5. I'm finally over you, FINALLY. And I've never been so happier.
  6. I still remember how your hugs felt and I can't forget how your lips felt on mine. But soon I will.
  7. You say that you hate goodbyes, I hope nobody ever tells you goodbye the way you said to me.
  8. I remember every word you said and I remember how your actions were the complete opposite. I'll never forget how worthless you made me feel.
  9. I don't think I'll ever stop missing you. But is it you that I miss? Or do I miss the memories? Either way, I'll never stop.
  10. I'm happy so fuxk off. Don't bother texting me when it's convenient for you. This isn't a game.
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