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  1. I'm thinking about the article I read in which a 14 year old is getting frozen so she can be brought back to life. ......
  2. People that think they're always right. And when you tell them what you think, they just shut you down.
  3. You need to talk to someone, maybe a therapist. They'll help you, because that's what you need. Your ex has moved on, she moved on a long time ago. She's living a life which you're not a part of anymore, sadly. But that's life. You need to let go otherwise you will never have any real relationships with anybody else. As for your current girlfriend, this isn't fair on her.
  4. Now that I'm over you, I can't believe how many tears I wasted on you. You were a massive waste of time and I regret ever loving you.
  5. I'm finally over you, FINALLY. And I've never been so happier.
  6. I still remember how your hugs felt and I can't forget how your lips felt on mine. But soon I will.
  7. You say that you hate goodbyes, I hope nobody ever tells you goodbye the way you said to me.
  8. I remember every word you said and I remember how your actions were the complete opposite. I'll never forget how worthless you made me feel.
  9. I don't think I'll ever stop missing you. But is it you that I miss? Or do I miss the memories? Either way, I'll never stop.
  10. I'm happy so fuxk off. Don't bother texting me when it's convenient for you. This isn't a game.
  11. What was the point in you coming back when all you were gonna do was hurt me?
  12. Seriously, screw you. I literally don't care anymore, I'm doing what's best for me and I'm forgetting about you. You make no sense at all, you say one thing but do the complete opposite. I don't need you in my life. I've tried to be there for you and you're not letting me, you ignore me without telling what I've done and I haven't even done anything. You're a coward.
  13. It's 5:29am and I've woken up because I had a dream about you. I miss you.
  14. I'm literally done, completely and absolutely done with you. I've had enough. Last year was the worst year of my life, because of you, you broke my heart. Last year, in December I promised myself that this year was a new start for me, I was gonna cut out all the bullsh1t but then you came back and I broke my promise. When you came back, I just wanted everything how it used to be because I missed you. All I wanted was for you to be happy, didn't matter how I felt. I told you I missed you and I got no reply. I'm done trying to be in your life, I shouldn't have to fight for a place. If you want me in your life, you know where I am otherwise I'm not bothered. I'm not making an effort when you clearly don't give a sh1t. I'm done with all that, I had enough last year. Believe me, I still miss you and I wanna text you but I can't anymore. I can't let what happened, happen all over to me again. I've gotta do this, for myself. As for you, you haven't changed. You're still making promises you can't keep..
  15. You still haven't text me back, god knows what I said wrong. It doesn't matter now, anyway. I've realised where I stand with you now and it's not where I want to be. I really do hope you're happy though.
  16. I text you saying I miss you and you didn't text me back. I thought you might miss me too. Why are you ignoring me? Maybe it's best if you don't text me back anyway.
  17. They say that you never forget your first love. Will you forget me?
  18. You lost someone who never would've given up on you. When all that stuff happened, it made me cry because I knew that if I was still around I never would've let it get that bad. I would've done anything to make you smile and to make you happy. I showed you that I would've done anything because I let you go, that's what you wanted.
  19. I told you I miss you and I got my answer by you not texting me back, I'm not surprised to be honest. You're still the same person who broke my heart, you haven't changed. You're a coward, that will never change and I was wrong to think that maybe you would change. You're the one who cut me out of your life and then came back to me after a year, you're the one who said we can be friends. YOU came back, not me, because I didn't go anywhere. After coming back into my life, all you've done is mess with my head and I'm done it and I'm done with you. It's not fair that I miss you and I still cry because of you when you couldn't give a toss, I'm gonna not bother you again and not text you. Let's be realistic, I know that I'll always be second best. Things with me and you will never go back to how they used to be, I wouldn't even be able to look at you. You're a horrible person and all I've done is be there for you. Thanks for nothing..
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