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Should I stop talking to my ex bf?

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well, he and i talk every day but he doesnt even wanna hang out with me or anything but for some reason will call me on the phone everyday for very brief conversations. On one hand, I dont see the harm, I mean it is nice getting a phone call from him. On the other hand, its pretty clear to me that thats all he wants. should i just enjoy the phone calls for what theyre worth and not think about it too much? Or should i get mad at him and demand that he quit calling me? i mean i guess its harmless so long as we both know that were just chatting on the phone and nothing more, right? I mean hes not doing anything particularly cruel or disrespectful to me is he?


we have been "just talking for like a couple of years now. The last time we saw each other was like 7 months ago and that was just a "hang out". I admit that for a while i thought that we might get back together and weve been through so many major fights over it but now, years later, we are still just chatting on the phone, and i have finally come to accept that thats all it will remain.


i will also say though that there were times when he kinda leads me on by saying that maybe if we can get through a couple of months without fighting, that he might become interested in me again. I admit that i still hold out a little hope for that which is why i have given it my best shot to try to not fight with him.


we have been pretty good for almost a month now. i havent fought with him, i have bit my tongue and been patient for almost one whole month. I dont know how much longer i can be miss nicey nicey with him before i lose it again. anyways, i guess i should just let it go and move on already whether i talk to him or not right?

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Read your email over again. You answered your own questions. You have issues that you're biting your tongue on and you don't even have the guy next to you. Let go. It's over.


Moving on is hard at first, but that's the point of moving on. You are still trapped in the first day of the breakup. If you met a new guy, you wouldn't be able to enjoy that relationship as you would still be holding the pain from this breakup.

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Two years, you haven't had another relationship, and you're still hanging on in the hope that you two will get back together?


No, really, this isn't going to happen. Similarly, you don't stand a chance of another relationship while you're still in daily contact with him. Even though you're getting the tiniest of crumbs, you're still having to work very hard for them. Healthy relationships are easy. You don't go around biting your tongue.


You don't have to get mad at him. Just explain that you don't want to hear from him any more because you think it's keeping both of you stuck - then, get on with your life.

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