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adding to my psychoness!!

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My ex broke up with me and I used to have his email password but he changed it. Anyway, I know his friend's password to only because he had given it to me a way long time ago and I just never forgot it. Anyway, there is an email to him from my ex, but I feel like its a trick. It says Re: Hi in the subject yet his friend never emailed him. Unfortunately its through aol so you can check status if someone read the mail or not so I don't want to read it until his friend does. However, his friend never reads his email so I don't know why my ex would even email him. Do you think its a trick and he knows that I know his password too. I really really really want to read it because the curiosity is killing me, but I fear that he will figure it out that someone else is reading his mail. I know I shouldn't read it and its none of my business but its so hard not to. I don't know what to do.

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I don't know what to do.


Well, I have an very blunt answer for you: don't read it.


I mean, how bad would you feel if you did? NOTHING good could come of it. You would either feel guilty, find out something you did not want to, or both.


Don't even wait until he has read it, don't read it at ALL.

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hey there,

from someone who checked my ex's email, i wouldnt advise it, guess what i found..within 4 weeks of breaking up with me he was scoring as many girls as possible and was "happy enough" that he had "finally packed it in" with me.

i cried for a week after that and now i dont know what to make of him, this was a guy i was with for 3.5 years!!

So as ray kay says, you wont like what you find..

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SBrew - You're thinking too hard about this. The solution is a simple one like RayKay said, "Don't read it."


Do you want some reasons why you shouldn't?


1) You can not benefit from doing this. It will not put you in any better position now. It can actually hurt you, especially if he's talking about what he did with person x.


2) It will lower your self esteem. Doing things behind people back, acting like a snake in the grass will make you feel like a bad person.


3) You're gonna wear yourself out thinking about this. My friend used to do this to his ex - trying to check her email, voicemail, etc. - keeping up with someone else's life can be tiresome, especially while trying to live your own life!


These are only a few reasons why you shouldn't do it. If you want more reasons, PM me.

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I agree, you guys all have valid points, I am going to try and hold off on it. I would read it if he couldn't check the status of it but I feel like he is testing me. Gut feeling I guess. I don't know. Its just one of those things that eats away at me. But I will try and take your advice and hold back on reading it. Thanks.

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He's not testing you! Your mind is playing tricks on you. Generally, exes don't test us to see if we'll do this or that. People in general don't test others, at least most don't anyways. Do not think that he is trying to test you. I would bet a large sum of money that he's not.


Bingo, good advice.


I have never myself "tested" people I care about. Whether I am in a relationship, or no longer in one...I don't go about "testing" them or hurting them.


Just think of it as JUST AN EMAIL!


Don't read it, don't wait to read it, don't debate whether you should read it, or what will happen if you don't read it. It's none of your business, and it has NO relevance to you even if it does have stuff about you. Be the bigger person, walk away, STOP checking email accounts that are not yours.

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