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I really like this guy but I'm worried his best friend likes me...


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K sorry, I know this is going to be long...so I'll start off with the names, the guy I like name is Sadiq and the mutual friend's name is Hussayn. So I started off uni 2 years ago, Sept 2011. On my very first class of my first day, I had econ 101, where I had a feeling that someone was looking at me, so I turned around and Sadiq is staring right at me, so I quickly turn back around, thinking to myself whoooaa that guy was hot. The next couple of econ classes Sadiq and I were sitting right beside eachother, but hadn't talked. Walking around campus, I always happened to make awkward eye contact with Hussayn, I never thought he was attractive or anything, so I found him always ending up being near me an extremely weird thing. One day, one of Hussayn's friends hit on me by holding my hand and trying to ask me out, out of the blue, so I was really taken aback and kind of creeped out considering I had never spoken to the person before. I realized one of my friends, Anna, knew Hussayn, the kid that kept making the awkward eye contact with me and Hussayn's friend. So I asked her what their deal was,s he told me that they both thought I was really cute. A couple months after, I saw Hussayn talking to Sadiq(the guy I like) and I was going to take every opportunity I had to try and get to know Sadiq. So I talked to Anna about an introduction to Hussayn for the purpose of him introducing me to Sadiq. So I met Hussayn and he was nice to me and the first thing we talked about was how I was into Sadiq. Obviously, Hussayn went and told Sadiq. Anyways, Hussayn and I became friends, and it was quite obvious he was into me by the number of times he asked me to 'hang out' and go to his work dinners, but he never managed to introduce me to Sadiq for a year. Begin of my second year of university, I pretty much told Hussayn that he had to introduce to Sadiq now. So Hussayn said that we could all go for lunch together. So when we went for lunch, Sadiq, knowing I liked him, was still super nice and flirted a bit, but Hussayn would always mention, oh why you standing so close to Sadiq, back off...rude things like that. I didn't talk to Sadiq after this lunch date. Now, Sadiq and I have a class together, so I went and sat with him on the first day and me and he jokes around and flirts a bit...if our legs or arms are touching, he doesnt pull away...it seems like he purposely doesn't hear what im saying because he leans in so i have to whisper into his ears. last class, he noticed that my hands are small, and he pulled a tarzan hand thing on me. then he asks me what Im doing on the weekend...I said nothing..and asked him what he's doing and he said he's going to the club....he knows I dont go clubbing. He says he respects my decision to not go clubbing and its probably not the place for someone as delicate as me, and that he himself wants to stop going because its getting boring. Later in the conversation, he said he has to take me to an amusement park so we can go on this rollercoaster together because I'm afraid of heights...but he never brought up a specific date. Yesterday, I saw both Hussayn and Sadiq in a line together, so I went to talk to them, and Hussayn was teasing me about my watch, where as Sadiq grabbed my wrist and kept talking about how he couldnt get over how small it was, after a while, Hussayn grabbed my wrist too. Sadiq started acting weird by pulling away from the conversation and turning around and I was slightly offended because I was curious as to whether he just didn't want to talk to me or not because he was fine in class together. Also, Sadiq always wears a snapback but he has a really nice buzzed head and lately, after I told him that I prefer him without his snapback, he doesn't wear it to class and when I'm around he takes it off..so I'm not sure what both of their feelings are towards me and if Sadiq will ever ask me out.

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