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Questioning who I really am or suppose to be.


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Hi Im a 28 yr old mother with 2 children and in a 10 yr de facto relationship with my children's father who was my 1st boyfriend.I have considered myself to be bi curious as I have never been with a woman I have had these feelings since I was 12 but always new I was different from an early age I had multiple crushes on female teachers friends ect.I have had one sexual thing when I was 12 with a female neighbour it was just rubbing against each other.Thing is I have been struggling with my sexuality over 2 years now after I got strong feelings towards another woman i had met online I stopped that friendship as I didn't think it was fair on anyone as my feelings were getting out of hand I started to question who I am and why was I feeling this way when I'm with someone.I have huge regrets for not trying it with a woman before I started a family and I resent myself now as these feelings won't go away I am attracted to a lesbian now who is a friend and I'm doing everything I can to ignore these feelings. My partner and I have always had problems before we started a family but we stood by each other now I rarely have sex with him because I dread the thought I love him but I don't feel what I feel to him that I do of a woman.Please any advice as this is tearing me apart and ruining my life.

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