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broken up after 1 yr still not over him - ADVICE HELP!!


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i've never done this before but it seems like it's the right thing to do! advice!


My ex and i met when we were 14 and became extremely close and became best friends. he was and still is my first ever love . We were both in the same very tight friendship group which was great because we always saw eachother. Throughout highschool we started dating and we both immediately fell in love with eachother. we dated for 4 and a half years until he broke it off after graduation because he wanted to be independent and go travelling around the world. he told me he loved me and he always would, and he didn't want to be with other girls..i was so heartbroken and hurt i just can't imagine my life without him. The bad thing is that we both didn't stop seeing and speaking to eachother because we loved eachother so much

it wasn't a typical relationship aswell, we weren't all PDA in front of people, we were just more like best friends who got along so well and hung out every weekend.


he eventually went travelling a few months after the break up, and in that few months we kept 'seeing' each other. that is my one regret. he went for 3 months, and i spoke to him, and even 'met up' him in vietnam where my parents were staying. i was so hurt by him that i rejected the idea of us being broken up. i then went away with my family when he returned and we were still talking, all the while i knew he had slept and kissed other girls, (one of which was my friend) as he told me.we kept talking because of our friendship group, and because i felt we still had a connection, and now i have been completely phased out of the group and now i can't stop thinking about him more and more because there is no distractions besides work.



it seems to me like he has completely forgotten about the whole relationship we had and that he doesn't even care about me. we broke up a year ago and i still cant get over him. we kept talking (which i know was a mistake) however now we have stopped talking for a month or so but nothing has changed. half way through the year i noticed he started falling out of love with me but i didn't want to believe it so i kept talking to me, as he did to me, and i know it was only because he either felt bad or still had feelings for me. i don't want to see anyone else as my best friend suggests, because i feel that there are some moments were i know he still loves me. for instance, he has been messaging me trying to talk to me. wi ran into him the other night and it was just like it used to be, i can sometime tell he misses me but other days (especially in front of his 'cool' guy friends) he doesn't. everytime i bump into him the connection comes back..he even asks whether I'm seeing someone...and i feel it's because he is and he doesn't want to straight out tell me, and i always hear from people that he is doing really well without me.


i know it is so selfish of me to be saying this but i feel so rejected because we were honestly meant for each other. like he tells me that he's over me but then i hear that he isn't from the people in the group, and he tells me he isn't. its just a big huge mess and its so pathetic and complicated. last week my group went out for drinks and he was there with one of his girls. i t i don't know if this is a rebound or the real deal but i had to leave because i was so sad. however i feel like he really likes her and wants to go out with her just because his 'cool guy friends' all have girlfriends now. i feel i was just one of those girls and that he doesn't miss me at all. he tells others that he gets annoyed with me all the time when i go to these group things but i don't even talk to him when he's there. he even tells my best friend that i try talk to him everyday but i really don't. this story sounds ridiculous because it's so complicated i just need some advice on what you would do.

suprisingly this was a very brief summary of our relationship, because it was so much more complicated and stupid...

so basically whatim asking what would you do or what should i do? i love him actually so much it hurts and there are so many signs that i feel like he does too, but then signs that he doesn't. this is just so pathetic.


i always think about if he still thinks about me too... if he misses me.

i'm scared i'll love him forever without any return!!




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