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Eye contact...what does it really mean?


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Dear women: What does it really mean when a woman repeatedly makes eye contact with someone she has never met before. I was in a public place yesterday reading and I noticed that a girl quickly glanced at me as she walked by my table. I didn't think anything of it at the time because of course this kind of thing happens all the time. However a few minutes later she came back from the other direction and I noticed that this time she took a much longer and more focused glance, lasting at least a few seconds. She didn't smile or make any real discernible facial expression, but it was clear that "our eyes met". A while later when she got up to leave I thought to myself, "I am going to now try to pay attention and see where she focuses her gaze as she leaves". Sure enough the first thing she did while walking away was take another long look in my direction.


I know we have never met before, and she didn't smile or anything, so I was wondering: could it be that she simply mistook me for someone else? Or was she trying to "flirt" with me? I know women say that they often show interest in a guy by making eye contact, but I understood that they usually also smile or give some indication that they want the guy to come and talk to them. This particular girl just seemed to have a very emotionless expression on her face as she walked past, but there was no denying that we made eye contact several times. Interpretations? If I see her again and we "recognize" each other should I go and talk to her?

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I can say as much, that I use the eye contact thing to flirt with people I don't know, and I find attractive, however, those "flirts" are ALWAYS accompanied with a smile. Usually when I stare at people without smiling, it's more like I think they look funny, but I would only look their way if I thought they aren't looking back. Lol. But this is just me, I think it's more likely a sign of interest than you looking funny, but I have no idea, as I can only imagine the situation and doesn't know how it actually happens, you know..


Fact is, no one knows what she thinks of you but her. if this was only a one-day-thing I'd leave it. if it continues over a serious of days, you could try and approach her, with a "Do I know you from somewhere? Did you go to ___?" hah, but don't do it too quickly, otherwise you may seem weird

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I was at the grocery store yesturday afternoon and there was beautiful woman in awesome jeans and a fitted red jacket with the fur around the hood.


Our eyes met several times as our paths crossed several times. But she was so preoccupied with her shopping that I'm sure it didn't mean anything. She was probably wondering if I was following her around or something.


Women I know (often older women I work with, and married female friends of friends) often tell me how attractive I am, so I'm surprised how often there is absolutely NO eye contact with women in some situations, such as the grocery store or coffee shops or etc. or given the number of women who pass through my life briefly at work (home improvement retailer).


Some days I just feel so invisible


I think you really can't tell what a woman is thinking when it comes to eye contact. Could be a fleeting thought, could've thought you looked familiar. Could be she thought you looked familiar in a bad way and wanted to make sure you weren't following her or something. Could be she is shy, which would explain the lack of expression.

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ya i don't get the dead stare either. i get it from men all the time, just staring (sometimes even turning their heads when i walk by) but with no expression, just total dead-face. it is weird, like smile or something! and my first thought is never, wow that guy was just checking me out, it's more like, that guy was staring at me for a long time with dead-face i wonder if i have food on my face...

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It never hurts to return it with some friendliness. You get an answer pretty fast if you are interested in knowing.


I've made eye contact for all kinds of reasons. Yes, sometimes it's been "wow, you look like ..." or some other small thought that has nothing to do with striking up a conversation and/or flirting. But sometimes it's to get someone's attention or because I am flirting.


If I'm looking, and the person returns a friendly smile or hello or anything...I'd never take it poorly. I'd clear things up - whether I'm interested in a convo or what direction I'm taking or not.


So if you see her again, why not smile and say "hi". ? Really, it is soo low risk!

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