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Confused & Needs Advice :(


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Is it all bullsh*t?!

My boyfriend tells me that he can't fully commit to me yet, but he's texting/sexting all of these other women. He says it's for fun, but it's on a average of 4 new women every month. Whether its his ex's or random women telling them all the things he should say to me or even show to me. So I feel that he's not mentally in a relationship with me. Am I wrong?

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He says he can't fully commit to you....so if he's not fully committed to one person, then it's logical that he's messing around with multiple people and that he intends to continue doing this.


Nothing to be confused about there - his words and actions are matching up. You are not being lied to. He's telling you the truth about himself...do you not want to believe him?


I don't think it's "confused" so much as "not what you want/not what you want to hear."

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He tells you he can't fully commit to you yet and demonstrates this by texting/sexting an average of four new women a month? This guy is not yours or anyone else's boyfriend although I'm sure he likes to toss that label out there any time he thinks he's losing one of his harem including you. Seriously, why are you staying unless you get to do the same thing--i.e. add four new guys a month or more that you text/sext all while telling him you can't fully commit to him just yet. Only then would this even begin to approach a relationship that at least had some semblance of equality to it. My advice, tell him your allergies to harems just kicked in and walk away.

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He is being honest with you. When someone tells you they can't fully commit, they mean it or else they wouldn't say it. He is not mentally into the relationship. So you are not wrong. It doesn't sound like there are any mixed signals, it's pretty clear that he is not interested in being serious. Unless you like this kind of mental abuse, I suggest you end the relationship before you start thinking that all men will treat you this way.

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