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Ex-friend's family member passed away, said she wants me to contact her


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I'll try to keep this short.


I was best friends with this girl in elementary and high school. Near the end of high school, things started to turn and we fell apart. She got into drinking/partying/drugs and I didn't. By graduation, she was very nasty to me, bailed on our plans to get high instead, told me I wasn't "cool", etc etc. Our friendship fell apart very quickly (within a few days) and we haven't talked since.


We're now in our mid-20s. One of her family members passed away recently, and my parents went to the funeral. I contemplated going as well, but since our friendship ended in such a negative way, I figured it would be uncomfortable if I went. I didn't want to make an awful situation even more awful for her, just by being there.


My mom told me that she talked to the girl, that she was sorry that I didn't come, and that she wants me to call her.


I'm torn here. I personally don't ever want to speak to her again. While I realize we were just kids at the time, she treated me really bad. Just the thought of seeing her again makes me anxious and uncomfortable. But at the same time, I feel obligated to talk to her since her family member passed away.


What should I do? I feel she might have told my mom that she wants me to call her just to be nice (because she easily could have called me any time within the past several years?) I'm just not sure what to think here. I want to do the right thing since she's going through a hard time, but I also don't want to bring negativity into my life.


[side note: I recently started taking medication for depression and anxiety, and I'm trying to keep my life as drama-free as possible while I work through my personal issues]

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