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he had "girlfriends." should I be worried?


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I'm talking to a guy, who says he has girlfriends that he keeps in touch with. He calls them "sisters." Like today, they talked on the phone. I'm also concerned, because we've been talking for only 2 weeks, and we're starting to get "emotional."


I'm not sure, if I should pull the plug, take a step back, or just "go with the flow."

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Personally I find this strange and a little creepy.


From the title of girlfriend which he may have hooked up with and more then is able to demote the ex's to sisters.


I think this is mainly a poor explanation to you that he now sees these women as no go zones as one usually would when it comes to siblings.


I do know of guys who are friends with ex's and do not go any further than friends.

I guess it is a confidence factors as well on the females half to believe they are indeed 'better' than the ex who is now a friend rather than being worried that the friend or 'sister' in your case will be a potential threat.

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I have one woman I slept with about 15 years ago thats like this to me. Her and I were young and didnt want to be virgins by the time we graduated high school so we hooked up, then it was awkward for 2 years of NC, now we are great friends who talk and hang out all the time,we both have no interest in each other and we both have had multiple significant others since then.


But i would say this is not the norm considering thats 1 girl out of a lot that didnt end up this way.

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