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What am I doing ?


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I have been dating the same guy for a long while. We have a beautiful daughter together. But there are alot of issues.

I have trust issues from my past relationships and I had a hard time letting anyone close. But I did for this guy. Things couldn't had been more perfect. When I was pregnant I noticed he was talking to girls via phone or Internet. When I mentioned it he apologized and stopped. Since then I've caught him doing the same thing multiple times an he has cheated on me once( he told me). He then informed me he had a problem. Let's just say a sexual problem. He likes attention and the rush. He read up on it asked people about it and it all lead to he has a problem. Well now we've moved in together. And I know he's been talking to girls on different sites again when I ask he freaks out. I don't know what to do. I need help on how to deal or what I shoul try and do.


I do love him very much but I don't like the sneaking and lying. Help please !!

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I agree. my ex boyfriend has a problem like that. He was on Adult Friend Finder or HotorNot or other sex sites just for the attention. When I called him out on it, he just set his profile to private so it looked like he cancelled and I could no longer search for him but I know it wasn't true. months later, he made it unprivate again. it's not worth the aggravation, anxiety ad heartache. He has a girlfriend and still sexts me or sends dirty pictures, tells me he thinks about me when he's with her... It's a problem.


The definition of insanity Is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome. Easier said than done, I know.

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How did you leave? The hardest part is that everything I wanted in my life I got with him and leaving seems like Im throwing myself out the door. I love him dearly yet I know what hes doing is wrong. I believe he loves me but he doesnt seem to want to change for me.

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The hardest part is that everything I wanted in my life I got with him and leaving seems like Im throwing myself out the door [/b].


No you're not...you're throwing HIM out the door! Because you KNOW you deserve more. Being without him is far better than putting up with his fantasy girls on the internet. Yes, I understand, as do you, that he does indeed love you; but Vikky, he doesn't love you enough if he feels the need to go out looking for girls to inflate his ego! He has a daughter, for goodness sake! I don't think he's quite caught up with his responsibilties just yet.


Well, you can get started on by pointing out his legal obligations if he refuses to stop his shanenigans. He's either going to be a father, or he's not.


Oddly, you speak of him as if he was someone unrelated to your child, so I think there's alot more to this than you're telling.

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