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Well a year ago, younger guy than me came to work. He is 10 years younger and he is quite mysterious as he keeps himself to himself. He started flirting big time with me but suddenly stopped and started to ignore me. At that time I heard he has a GF (that I thought anyway) as most of the guys here in China do. He only told me that he know a girl here who is one of his closest friends here. After being really rude, in my opinion, such as running out of the office when I am in, looking away etc we started to chat again and he started to flirt with me again.


In meantime my other nasty co-worker started to develop crash on him and started to push into. Yesterday she told me she heard that his GF is lovely and he took her to some sport event ( I checked it and it seems she lied about it) . However he started to ignore me again today and I am not sure if it is again his phase or he was told something or just... I am in phase to just give up as I think he is playing with me.


I do not know what to think, I would like to know him better ( friends OK too), I am aware of age difference and he is too. But all of this hot and cold, Him being nice than running away, ignoring me I do not know anymore>>


What do you think guys??

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I don't think it really matters what his problem is. Whether it's that he has a girlfriend (are you going to try to break them up? That would make you the "nasty" girl), whether that other girl told him something (do you want to be with someone who can be that easily influenced and doesn't think for himself?) or whether it's the age gap (you can't change your age) - it's all kind of irrelevant. I think the part you have to concentrate on is that he is hot and cold. You can't be with someone who is hot and cold.


I think you should continue to be friendly but concentrate your romantic energies elsewhere.

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