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This topic might be a little long, but I would really appreciate it if you would read it and see if you can help me.


Im 14 almost 15 and bi. There's this Girl Ashely I've hade a crush on for a while and Sunday, Halloween, we spent a lot of time together and I really fell for her. She's going out with my other friend Star (thats her nickname), she found out I like Ashley so she told her a couple of weeks ago. Me and Ashely were in the bathroom alone together on halloween and she was like, so is there anyone you like. And I knew she knew I liked her but for some reason I couldn't tell her so I just smiled and said no. And she was like oh. Well Yesterday I started going out with this girl Stephanie. Ashely found out later and was like well what about you and me. I said your going out with Star and she was like so. Now before this I never knew she liked me so when she said that I got reallt really happy that she liked me but sad because I was going out with Stephnie. Ashely was really upset and said that she needed to go home and think and that so did I and we would talk tomorrow. And I was like well why don't we just talk now, and she said because I need to think so I was like ok. I have to wait till later to talk to her but I'm scared what's going to happen. I really really like her and I would break up with Stephanie or anyone to be with her. But I don't know if she'll go with me now.


Again I would really really appreciate it if someone could give me advice on what to do later when I talk to her. Thank You.

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thats pretty messed up, dumping the girl u're with now just to be with your crush.. why were you with stephanie in the first place? and that girl ashley sound like a player to me.. sounds like she never cared that shes with somebody else.. dont mean to be rude, but think about it.. you sound like a nice and sincere person, if you try going out with ashley, what makes u think she'll be loyal to you? that would be ok if theyre not together though


i guess the best thing to do if you dont care about what shes doing as long as u'll have her, its best to get out of the relationship u have now before things will get out of hand, or hurt your gf..

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Like ang3l2004 said, your still young. Your at the greatest point in your teens. There is no reason to beat yourself up over something that may be completely different years down the road. I know how it feels obsessing over one person and it is horrible. I don't want to see anybody else go through what I have--especially somebody at your age.

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It sounds like this Ashley is a player. Is she still with Star?


You shouldn't have gone out with Stephanie since you had such strong feelings for Ashley. I would break things off with Stephanie. Then I would tell Ashley that you can't be with her until things are off with Star. Then I would go out with Ashely if she were single, if that's what you really want.

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Thanks all for you advice. It's Sunday me and Stephanie have been together for 4 days. Ashley and Star are still together but on the virge of breaking up. I never talked to Ashly like she wanted to I haven't even seen her since. But i'm really happy with Stephanie and we really like each other, so i'm gonna stay with her even if Ashely and Star break up. Again thanks for your advice it helped alot.

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