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Several Questions, would love answers.


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I have this guy I went on 3 dates with and well I've decided I don't like him and no longer want to date him. He knows where I live, I made the mistake of allowing him to pick me up on our date and of course he has my cell number, as well as other forms of contacting me. I've been sick so out of commission for the most part, but still he's been contacting me. How do I make him go away?


There is some guy who is calling my home and never seems to call when he knows he can reach me so I don't get it. All I know is his name and I think he's the guy I really liked and screwed things up with. But I could be totally wrong but he is the only guy with that name I can think of that has my home number. So why is a guy calling my home, never returning the call when my mom who answers says I'm reachable? What is that about?


Well these are my burning questions right now. On top of this I very likely have a date tomorrow!

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As far as the guy you don't like: You can take the easy road (for you) and ignore him, or do it the hard way (for you) and tell him that you just don't see it working out. The first route may lead to several calls/texts if he doesn't get the hint, where the second will be 100% clear and leaves no room to wonder.


As for the second guy: There's not enough to this story for me to say one way or another, so just try calling him and see if this game of phone tag comes to an end.

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I would be direct with the first guy. Who knows about the other one?


Stop giving men your house phone. Use your cell only. It is easier to block numbers on and nothing screams "ick" louder than a guy trying to reach you, calls your home number, and gets your mom, and had to leave a message. I'm sorry but that's very middle school. Use your cell phone only.

You have complained a lot about your mom offering up her unsolicited advice on men you date so stop using the house phone because it gives her a way in.

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Tell the guy you went on the 3 dates with, "Thanks for the dates, I had a nice time with you, but I don't feel a romantic connection there. Take care, I wish you the best." I hope he accepts your answer gracefully.


as for the other guy, your mom should say, "who may I ask is calling?" if the dude refuses to give his name, block the number.

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Please be direct with the guy you went out with. I'm saying that as someone who has been out with a guy a few times and I really like him, and would really just prefer to know if he's not interested than for him to just 'fade away'. It is rare for me to find someone I really like and it has been awhile. If he doesn't just say he's not interested (especially since he really acted as if he was on our dates), then it will take a lot longer for me to know the answer/be sure if he doesn't come out and say it, and I'd really rather just know so I can move on.


As for the other guy I'm not sure. You could get your mom to try to get more info ,try calling back if you have the number...

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I agree witht he others about not giving out your home number or letting guys know where you live right away. I use google voice so that the number I give new guys ....they have no idea it's not my real number and I get texts and class right on my cell just like before. Plus I can easily block them. Only down side is I can't send pics but by the time I feel it's okay to send a guy pics it's usually okay to give them my real number.


The guy who calls and asks for you but never calls back....who knows if the name he;s giving is even his real name. Don't you have caller ID? I'd just call him back and figure it out.


As for the guy you don;t like...yes, please tell him the truth...say you're just not feeling it with him and move on to your next date.

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