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is this.... a date?


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on christmas I wrote an ex of mine from 7 yrs. ago saying hi, if he wanted to catch up over drink or text sometime I would be down.

next day he texted me and we have been talking since about every other day just casual convo. there is DEFINITE flirting on both ends, he seemed interested in maybe a date.

we mentioned hanging out, but I was waiting for him to ask me because it was his idea and I Would be visiting him so felt he should ask. waited forever, no go. I did not like how I was wondering what he was thinking, and all that so I stepped away from it, and decided to cut back on contacting him. Put it out of my mind and went about life.

yesterday, after days of not talking, he asked me to hang out next weekend. he also asked me to go to lunch and hang after in a few weeks when he is in my town.

I said yes to both. we made plans.

my question is... from outsider perspective... are these considered dates? or just friends catching up.

I know no one can read minds, or predict what he is thinking... but between the flirting and way he asked it feels like he might be looking at it as a date.

just want to know what people think.

I am going to just go with the flow, think of it as catching up with a friend but I am also extremely nervous! my first date in 7 years and haven't seen him in that long... any tips to stop being so nervous?????

thanks guys... I am so scared of messing things up

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I've followed your threads from the beginning. After the way he treated you, are you sure you would even consider him a friend?


Of course this is your call, but keep in mind that you contacted him, rather than the other way around. If he were that sincere, I would think he would have contacted you, since he was the dumper. Either way, I would think long and hard before getting involved again.

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thanks batya... thought about it last night... I am putting too much thought into this. I like this guy, and am afraid of scaring him away or being too much too soon.

I am going to let it all just happen as it happens, practice patience and enjoy getting to know him

I put myself in his shoes last night... it would be confusing and strange for someone to contact me out of nowhere... I would be unsure of everything as well.

so for now, thinking of it as getting to know each other.

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