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hello there every one,


Let me tell you what is going on for i have been dating my my girlfriend for 2 years she told me last thursday that it was over and that she didnt want to have strings attached any more, for me i was a mess hearing that for i felt that every thing was going fine for i know that this wass love for she told me some day that she wanted to marry me for i felt the same way..


For i gave her time at first thinking that she was going to call me and feel bad and then come back but nothing....??? For then me being a guy and feeling so upset i kept calling her and talking to her friends asking them questions about if she still loves me for they said yes... For then i made a fool out of me and her for going to try to talk to her at a place and she like its all over...



For i know that she upset for i know the reason for i have not been listing to her like women need to have for the last month i didnt do.... for i love this girl and need some help for im going to talk to her on friday and get my stuff back and i want to make it up and tell her im sorry for what i didnt do in the first place??? for any girls that are out there i need you help for she the one

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All my girlfriends wanted to marry me, only one was actually stupid enough to do it.


Anyway...this is just part of life. She made it clear that it was over, all you can do is move on with life. A lot of us here are moving on. I been moving on for like 8 months now.


Good Luck


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First off, never talk to a girls friends, because they will repeat whatever you say back to her, or twist it around, etc.


Talk to her once more on Friday, and see if there is anything that can be done to salvage the relationship....to be honest bro, I wouldnt have much hope for it because the key words she said are "No strings attached" which means she doesn't want to be in a relationship.


Good luck, and keep us posted.

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