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Something positive for the weekend..things you LOVE about being single...

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I saw an article recently and it cracked me up but I cant find it anywhere. It was just a list of things to love about being single. I, certainly could do with a cheer up at the moment and im sure others could too. So here goes...list the things thst you love about going it alone. I'll start you off...


1. Having the bed to myself and spreading out


2. Doing what the hell I want on the weekends


3. Not having to get up/go to bed when they do or feeling guilty about taking a few extra hours snooze time!


4. Not being moaned at for taking too long to get ready


5. Not being moaned at because the dish washer hasn't been loaded/my clothes are on the floor/Im watching something HE doesnt like etc etc etc


6. Not having someone critisise my career path


7. Not giving a flying f*** about whether he texts or calls or how long it takes


8. Wearing mismatched underwear if I cant find the matching ones


9. Smothering myself in face/body cream before going to bed without worrying what aaaaanyone will think


10. Not having to shave/wax/epilate as often!



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Hahaha! Laninaperdida, I know just what you mean. I thought I was the only one who noticed that.


Lets see...not having to worry about making anyone jealous if I'm chatting with a female friend.


Not being criticised about what I wear and being spared the situation where you can't say "actually no, I think that shirt you picked out for me is pretty ugly".


Not feeling guilty about checking out cute girls.


Able to focus on me more instead of worrying what she or anyone else thinks.

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I think not having to worry if he is cheating on me constantly something I'm not going to miss. I think I shave more now then I did I was with my ex. I guess trying to flirt with new guys and not worry how hairy my legs if I get a little action. Not having to hear him nagging me all the time I'm not going to miss.

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This will be my first single weekend and we didn't live together. Ideally, I will look forward to spending my Sunday in my bed, with my cat, reading like I haven't in so long. I will probably spend a lot of it crying and staring at my phone, but I'm going to try not to.


I will also look forward to future weekends of not driving to his place! (hour distance). Unfortunately I'm still headed that way this weekend for my sister's birthday...but I guess that's a good thing, because I'll have some fun girl time.

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