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alright..here it goes..so there's this guy at my school who for the past two months has been making constant eye contact with me. He is always looking at me. Even my friends are beginning to notice, they keep telling me that he's looking at me. And then you know how you can fell it when someone's looking at you, well one of his classes is accross the hall from one of my classes and i always get that feeling so i look up, and he's looking at me. The weird thing is he's always with this other girl, she even wears his football jersey. I'm really confused because he does the eye contact thing with me and then theres the "other woman" haha..I've yet to talk to him, and he doesn't seem like he wants to talk to me. This is a person that i would seriously consider dating..what should i do?

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I'm also really bad at the picking up body language signs and stuff but I'd say he likes you but because you never spoke he doesn't want to say anything because he might make an idiot out of his self etc.. guys at school age are either have a really big ego or they hide their emotions. Or so I found. I'd just try to talk to him casualy find out what you have in common etc.. see if he really is the kinda person you can relaite to as that is the most important thing if you were to start a relationship 'communication'

Good Luck.


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