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hey guys! so theres this guy that sits next to me in one of my classes, he is frequently making jokes and just kinda picking on me. i think he's flirting with me but i'm not sure. So yesterday i was talking to him at lunch and he was like find me after school, i need to talk to you. All her really wanted was my notes from class cuz he was absent the day before, but still, his best friend is in our class and he could have asked him, but he didn't. and then this morning i hadn't been at school for more than five minutes, when i see him walking rather fast accross the locker room, heading straight for me. again all he wanted was to ask me about was class..but then in class today. he asked me about the guy that i just broke up with a couple of weeks ago. he was like "so are you done with..."and of coarse i said ya..I think im falling for him but i don't know what to do...i know this is a dumb question but...does he like me or am i just exaggerating things? what should i do to show him my feelings?

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When I was in school some guy sat behind me in study hall and he pulled my hair every day. This was in high school, he was a senior! I thought he really hated me, but come to find out years later, he liked me. I just never gave it a chance or pursued it.


Yes I think he likes you. Just ask him questions if you find yourself feeling nervous around him. Keep the focus on him talking.

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Hi staciemacie,


Judging by what you've said it seems to me that he does like you but is having a hard time trying to tell you. He is trying to get close to you by doing these, granted he's not exactly doing it the right way but it's a sure sign of someone liking someone else. Do you like this guy at all? If you do then i'd suggest that next time he does this sorta thing and wants too talk about something ask him questions, show him that your interested... if you are that is and then hopefully he should cotten on and change the subject and hey-ho presto he's talking about more interesting things. Im not saying that it will or wont work but it's something worth considering doing.


Hope this has been of some help, im quite sure there are other members that would be willing to provide some more information.


All the best


- whitefang

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