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What did I just get myself into?????

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Ok. this has to do with one of the most serious, scarriest things you can imagine. Number one on the list, in my opinion would be "I'm having your baby" and number two is Marrige. This friend of mine, has just told me that when she thinks about settling down..........she thinks about me and it dosen't scare her. I feel like getting on a plane and moving to another country right. She's a really good person don't get me wrong but she's not my wife, and I fear that she.......loves me. I don't feel the same about her. No matter how hard I've tried to push her away she never gave up. The interesting part is, she told me everything I ever wanted to hear....ever. Like you're a nice guy, but on a way bigger scale. How do get out of this situation sately?

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If she is saying that she could marry your or even that she wants to marry you, you always have the option to say no. Just because she is persistent doesnt mean that you have to or should give in. If she isnt the type that you see yourself with then never put urself in the situation where she thinks there is nothing more than a friendship.

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Just be honest with her. Tell her that what you have with her is a friendship and it will never be anything more. Tell her you're being honest with her because you don't want to lead her on and you respect her enough to tell her the truth. If she is mature enough she will understand. If she still bugs you with romantic suggestions, you might want to be a little more firm with her. Look her in the eye when you tell her. She'll get the message.


I don't think there is any such thing as commitment phobic. I think that when you meet the right one, you won't be able to stop yourself from committing. That's what real love is to me, anyway. Everyone else in between and before the commitment are the ones who aren't a good match for you.

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