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what can you make of this? is she coming on to me?

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ok ive known this girl for 4 years. she has been a great friend. my freshman year, i think she tried to ask me to go to this gig. but i made up some lame excuse when i really didnt have the balls to sneak out. my parents are jehovahs witness, and they force their religon on me, so im not allowed to hang out with anyone thats not their religion. the years went by, she got a boyfriend.


its our senior year, im trying to change, make my life what i want it to be, free of this religion, escaping from being shy, and opening up to my peers. ive been very positive the beginning of the school year because so much things have been going my way. making friends that i shouldve made long ago, and partying.


ive been to a few parties with my workmate who i tried to come on to, but she didnt have any feelings for me. i even asked her out to homecoming. my trucks wrecked, and homecomings within a week. so i asked my friend and she said i can come along with her boyfriend and her friend and her boyfriend. so im like thats weird but ok cool.


so today she comes up to me and tells me that im her "unoffical date" for homecoming. she and her boyfriend broke up. add to that my parents wont let me go to homecoming with my friends, so im going to be sneaking out tomorrow.

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Good, do it! And make sure you get her a corsage or something. (or is that just for prom?) Get her something, anyway...


...and stick it out, Crizlee. You've only got one more year. I totally relate to what you're going through, because I had friends whose parents were JW, and they felt totally isolated and trapped. I am sure your parents love you, but that religion really promotes insulation with other JW's, and I am not sure that is such a good thing.


In your later years, you may feel resentment towards your parents, and I hope you will try and love them just the same. They honestly feel in their hearts they are creating a healthy environment for you, but I agree with you that it's not.

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i tried to reason with them tonight, at home, at the restaurant, coming back home. they cant be reasoned with. im talking to my counseleor tomorrow. im sneaking out tomorrow. the worst that could happen: 1) they come get me at the football game or dance. 2) they take away my truck that will be ready tuesday. 3) they wont let me attend a college. 4) they pull me out of public school.

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