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Mens Virginity. And a Question


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I was just curious to know if there are any women out there, or anyone that knows of a women that has taken a man's virginity, I know it's unlike but it's possible.



And (if) so was there ever a question about it before she took it?


like "doubt's" because he had no experience, is what I'm trying to say.


Reason i ask is because I'm still one, and a close girlfriend of mine was telling me i need some experience because i might disappoint a girl in the future, which i understand may very well happen, in fact it probably will, But i want to know, what do you guys think i should do here? take her advice or wait like i have been?

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I took a guy's virginity a looooooong time ago. But he wanted to lose it and he wasn't disappointed for losing it.


What is your friend trying to tell you? That you should have random one night stands to get better at sex? I see her point...because taking someone's virginity usually means that the virgin has no clue what to do to pleasure the other person.


But on the same note, since you've waited, why not wait longer until you find someone you are compatible with? It's more worth it in the end, trust me.

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NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Don't do it unless you are EXTREMELY desperate!!! Save your V for someone you are in love with, if you need advice and SOMEWHAT experiance I can give you a great site, but please do NOT do this.


That's just my opinion anyways, here's the site.


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Don't give more than you're willing just for experiance dude.

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Before I say what I have to say, I'd like to commend you on holding onto your verginity. While I may not be as young as you, thus making it less of a feet, I am a vergin too... and plan on keeping it until I am with the person who I will spend my life with and have officially married them.



Now, I'm going to say this because I want to encourage you to avoid doing something now that you'll regret very much later on in life....




Sex before marriage is a sin and you should never do something while being fully aware that what you're doing is a sin.


God must come first in your life. If you put God aside, then you are putting the only thing in real control of your life aside. God is the key to all your happiness.


Life is a test... a test that lasts for the time of our lives. Time is something we humans call a little sliver of forever. The only puropse in life is to determine our fate of an eternity of heaven or an eternity of hell. There is nothing you can do in life that makes it worth going to hell forever for. thereforeeee, why not sacrifice for this little sliver of forever to earn an eternity of absolute paradice?


No matter what God loves you. Please, find Him and talk with him. Make God your top priority in life.



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Um, dude. I believe in God, I prey every night, and I do believe in sins but that's definantly not one of them sorry to say, sex before marriage happens all around us, just because somebody's a tomcat doesn't mean he's not loyal to God, and please don't go all preacher on me; I've had that happen before and it's not pretty.

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I Myself am Catholic, and i do go to church every Sunday, Im close to my parish and the people that attend mass with me in it, but as far as my faith- (what i believe in), and my virginity. I KNOW those 2 are on opposite sides of the River, Your not the first person that has told me what you posted, Iv 'e heard sex before marriage is a sin a thousand times.


I've always had the question does it make everyone who isn't or doesn't closely follow there faith a sinner?


better question how about Every teenager who is more sexually active than myself, does that make him/her a sinner, are they going to go to hell? who really can provide that answer? Well really it's only god himself.


I see it like this god lays out a path for each one of us to follow, I believe that sometimes stepping off that path is a mistake, but we learn from our mistakes, correct? so with that in mind, a mistake of loosing your virginity isn't a sin, or doesn't make us go to hell...


All you said was strictly just a view or opinion among the churches and what they practice behind closed doors, If telling me what you believe is what makes you happier than I'm not going to go against you, what you said was just your opinion, a thought, like everyone elses here in this forum, bring the lord into your "defense" isn't going to make me take into consideration more of what you said, My body, My life, My faith.


And with that faith it was the way you were brought up, and in what you believe in, my mother never told me and my brother "sex before marriage is wrong (sin) only my sister (lol) so i never got that end of the stick, but i think i might have received a piece of the marshmallow that sat in the fire pit a little to long..


I'm in control and i feel when my time comes is when it comes, i'm not going to say prayers to make me find someone special to loose my virginity too, it's nothing like that, in fact most of the people i tell that I'm still a virgin have a Very difficult time believing it, both men and women..so i know it's not a physical problem, Iv 'e been with women in the past that wanted me to have sex with them, But i felt i wasn't ready, but slowly that feeling is starting to slip away. and i don't want to make "The Mistake" that so many people often refer to as when they just give it up.

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I did, I was 18 at the time, and he was about the same. We were both on basic training together but were on leave in Edmonton with a bunch of others from our course.


I had no idea he was, until he told me afterwards though...he was pretty much as skilled as most guys were at that age that I met, so did not even know until he told me! (At which I felt really quite quite bad). Now for the worst part...I found out he had a gf back home he had been with for some time AFTER as well. Then I felt HORRIBLE, as that should of been something he did with HER.


So don't do it just to get more experience. Do it with someone you care a lot about, and really, you learn as you go....how many times you have done it does not reflect on how good a lover you are, trust me on that one. If you care about the girl, I promise you will be a far better lover than someone who has been with hundreds of girls. Because sex is about more than the physical action.

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Seriously, I dunt think any guys first time with a new girl can be GREAT (unless your really just a one night stand).


When you trully care about this girl, theres too much in your mind for you to be able to concentrate on it.



remember, it doesnt matter if your inexperienced because "Practice makes perfect". So just try and have your *future girlfriend whom you would disappoint* let you perfect your skills 0X

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I really DO NOT think you should lose your virginity for the heck of it so that you dont disappoint a girl someday... thats just stupid.. UNLESS You really really really just want to get it over with....


The girl who takes your virginity will not care how bad you perform your first time (if its bad at all) if she really cares about you.... I wouldnt worry about it....

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My boyfriend and I took each other's virginity. It was a wonderful experience, honestly. Not because the sex was good - it wasn't mind blowing, but it did feel good - but because we had both waited for someone special and when we felt it was right. It was several months into our relationship, so we didn't rush.


I agree with the others, don't do it just to get expereience. Many people remember that first time, and with STDs, pregnancy, and all the pain that comes with relationships and sex, you might as well make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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My boyfriend was not a virgin, but I was. However, he was really inexperienced.


It was really depressing for me when I learned that he wasn't a virgin. However, there isn't much I can do about it, so I had to get over it.


I suggest waiting until you find someone you love. Maybe you won't regret it because I'm sure you will enjoy it, but you probably will regret it when you meet that girl you want to be with forever. My boyfriend tells me all the time how much he wishes he would have saved himself for me.


Anyways, you should do what you feel is right. If the girl really loves you, it won't matter if you are a virgin. In fact, I'm sure she would be happy to know you waited.

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I think i mentioned everyone?-



I'm going to continue doing what iv 'e been doing and that is waiting, for that "special" girl...I'm just afraid that if i fall in love with her, and she falls in love with me, How am i going to be able to express that in 30 seconds. (lol) ok i had to say something to make myself laugh, I again thank all of you for your genuine advice.

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Yea don't lose it if you're not in love with the person, I see no point. No I never experienced taking a guy's virginity rather it was the opposite for me, (sadly I not really in love with him no more, I want to see what's out there if I had the chance to) but if I had the chance, I would tell him to do it because he feels ready not for the sake of getting it over with.

But then bad thing is if you're someone's first, then you tend to get somewhat attach to that person for a long while, yea hard to just let go of your first, as that will always be on your mind, that's what marks your sexual history afterall.

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Yep, my first time was his first time too. And my current boyfriend (19) is a virgin...but not for long. hehehe though it barely counts because we've done everything but intercourse.

I was never concerned about a lack of experience getting in the way, mostly because it has ended up that we'd mess around a lot beforehand to get comfortable with each other.

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Well every man who is not a virgin, at least every heterosexual man, has lost it to a woman. So I wouldn't really say it is unlikely for a woman to take a mans virginity.


As far as what your lady friend says about maybe being a disappointment to a future girlfriend, I' would ignore it mostly. I mean let you future girlfriend know that you are a virgin. If the relationship has any meaning at all she will understand and be supportive, and if she is not understanding and supportive then she's not worth it.


How am i going to be able to express that in 30 seconds.


Well my first time my g/f took control. I was nervous and really couldn't finish.

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