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Ok.. SO its been a year now since my ex and I have been broken up. Weve done the no contact, weve also talked had some fights got mad etc.. Well ive tried to get over him and am still trying. But recently he called and was all sweet saying he missed me and he loved me and for me to tell him i loved him etc... I played it off like i didnt care that it didnt matter i was over him yada yada. Then 2 days later he tells me he is back with his ex before me and was really happy and didnt know why they broke up in the first place... This being the same girl that busted his lip with some wood and was a crackhead when he and i were together now shes "awesome".. This isnt the first girl he has supposedly hooked up with.. but even though it still hurts me alot even if i know we are so over and never will be together again.. I want to get over him so bad i cant stand it but yet a day dosnt go by when i dont think about him and what hes doing and who with.. When will this get better? when will i be able to go without thinkin of him? Please give me some advice

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We are on the same level girl trust me I am still in that situation to but not as bad as it was when we first broke up,Anytime you need to talk pm me and I will be glad to help you the best I can because I know how it is I have been there shall I say I am there.Stay strong and get out there and try your best to not think about it

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Find your own two feet first lady.


We cannot proceed far with any relationships when we are still down or hurt, and pining for a lost love isn't going to help much. As mentioned in my previous posts about breakups and all, learn to occupy your time positively and spend moments with your family or friends.


Before you know it, you would be ready to face the world and take on another relationship. Be well.

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You need to start dating again and try to move on as long as you don't get on with your life it will still be bothering you. I would strongly suggest you start dating the sooner the better you will be a better person now and you need to move on and I know its not easy I have had to do it too. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Just remember if your ex is with someone else you need to move on. I wish you the best of luck

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Maybe there is something wrong with me but I don't think dating helps me very much. I've met a couple of guys in the past 2 or 3 weeks and I was actually pretty interested in them. But being around them just made me miss my ex even more. Maybe I'll just have to meet somebody that just absolutely blows me away. Otherwise, dating just makes it worse.

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That's right, Empathy.


Jumping onto the dating wagon now isn't going to help, for what you need now is distance and time from the breakup. Dating is only effective when you are emotionally ready and confident of yourself, be patient.


I am sure that in time, things will be looking all bright and sunny again.

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