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How do i hint to her that i like her

mr sad

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Just start off by smiling every now and then when you see her. Just let her know your there. Do you know any of her friends at all, getting to know her friends is a good way to get them around to your side and then you can get into their conversation and maybe strike one up with her. I know it's difficult trying to get the attention of someone that you really like. Everyone has been there at some point even i have my own difficulties with girls as some might know here lol.


Just be yourself with her or when your around her, do make a false impression of yourself otherwise she is and will pick up on this and then she might not find it good and then she might loose interest.


When talking to her keep her interested in what you say and vise versa, show her that your interested and listen to everything that she says to you.


Hope this helps you, best of luck to you


- whitefang

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ok. well its not like i dont really know her cos ive known her for about 3rs now, we work at the same place so i see her on weekends. im not shy to talk to her cos she is a good friend.

i know some of her friends, if i saw them id say hi but i dont know them well enough to just start conversing with them about general stuff.

i didnt think at all to try to get to know her friends, thats good. thanks dude.


are there any other ideas anyone has to help us out?

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no offence facksfunny but u have no idea what u are talking about.

not once have i mentioned that i "keep staring at her with this look on my face or with this smile "

not once has "class" been mentioned. we dont go to school, we've finished school.

this isnt some insignificant little high school crush. this is no joke, this is for real i truly have deep feelings for this girl and ur making a joke out of it.

this is serious, dont make stupid jokes out of it. the people on this forum post stuff because they are seeking help, not a cheap laugh.

grow up kid.


does anyone out there have any real advice that can be taken seriously?

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i don't really have any advice but i'm still in HS but i've got the same problem, i think the smile thing is good, i know her friends and talk to them i'm just really nervice if a girl starts directly talking to me, and for some reason when ever there telling a joke(more like a funny story) for some reason i can't keep the entusiasm, but anyway this is your question not mine, i'm just glad that someone gave me advice to. So good luck, and i'm gunna keep reading peoples advice.

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we'll ill share with ya what i have so far since ur in the same situation


good eye contact, when ya make eye contact smile, etc.


match their behaviour. if theyre beening touchy, do the same. if they start to talk louder do the same. this will make her feel more confortable around you.


theyre the only two main things i can think of at the moment.

does anyone else have anything to add?


many thanks

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well i myself also have this same situation except the one i like is shy around everyone she hasnt known fer a long time and i never even get talk to her much because im a nervous wreck... but if she isnt that shy just have a slight change in wat you do around her.. wen u talk to her gaze into her eyes.. wen someone else comes along gaze into her eyes a bit longer then turn to talk to the other person.. ask to go with her somewhere with friends..playfully touch her! as long as u arent a pervert it will show that your attention is all to her and she will most likely get it


i hope this was a help for you

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hey I'm a girl and just to let all you guys know if you really like a girl and think she likes you...she probably does. I'd try to get to know a close friend of hers and have them to ask her what she thinks about you. or if your brave jsut tell us! if there are really your friend they will still be even if they dont feel the same way

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Well, first off I just wanted to say that I thought facksfunny's comments were pretty funny. I don't understand why you jumped down his throat...

I have a crush on somebody and sometimes, without thinking about it, I stare at her like this or when she's talking to me I can't stop smiling so I look like this and then I think maybe she thinks I'm a psycho, lol


But anyway I think he had a good point with the statement of look at her, then look away. That is a key element in the flirtation process! She'll get it. hopefully.


I told my crush, though, that I have a crush on her and she was flattered and surprised. She had no idea! But then again it was kindof different circumstances for me since I just came out of the closet, she didn't even know that I was attracted to women.



So I guess my main tip, personally, is take it slow. Be patient. Don't freak out! It'll all come together for you in the end!

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ok first of all i dont know her friends all that well to tell them that i like her. i would wave or say hi to her friends, but i would sooner spill all feelings etc in this site then i would to her friends.


i think asking her to go somewhere with me would be a bit too forward. we arent close enough to do that kind of stuff.

we do do a lot of gazing at eachothers eyes tho, so i spose thats a decent start.


there is playful touching. and when we're at the pub and we're both going to the same place (eg bar) she would grab my hand and go there etc. but i have seen her do that with other girls and a few other guys im assuming that shes just a touchy person. no im not a perverted type of person so u dont have to worry about that, she also has my whole attention so im assuming that is all good.


well im worried that i will come on too strong. she is really pretty and so sweet, i dont want to ruin our friendship. i havent exactly had any success with girls.

the last girl i was involved with still isnt talking to me.

and that ended on may 17th .... its now the 24th august. i really dont want to lose this girls friendship. i could tell her anything ... except this.


i really dont know what to do. im a really boring person sober, things are different when im drunk tho. much better.

do u take what drunk ppl say as truth? there have been things i have disregarded as drunk nonsense that have come from her.


i really dont know what to do.


the reason i took facksfunnys comment to heart is because this isnt a game, there are feelings that can be hurt and a good friendship that can be lost over this. (sigh)


please help me

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was just talking to her on msn .... there is no chance.

she is so out of my league.

shes smart, funny, pretty, beautiful and ever so sweet. and im dumb, boring, ugly and annoying. its not going to happen.


all hope is lost and all efforts to be abandoned.


im going to stop burdening u all by asking u all for help.

you can all keep posting on here but i wont be replying. you may find me in the "suicide" section of the forum where this boring loser belongs.


goodbye all.

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boy you get back here!


Yeah, with that attitude I'd say it's pretty obvious you won't get the girl! Especially if you just give up like that!


I think giving up is a bad idea. You like her, so there has got to be some reason for it right? She's special to you. You've got to believe that you are special enough to deserve her.


And hey, you already said she flirts with you, so she must be at least a bit interested! You gaze at eachother, you playfully touch eathother. These are not things a girl does with someone she couldn't care less about!


I think you have a chance! Don't give up, suck it up and admire how wonderful she is rather than making her beauty into an obstacle for you. Tell yourself you are worth it! After all girls love confidence! Everybody loves confidence! People are attracted to confident people like a fat kid to cake! lol


Furthermore, if you keep believing that you are ugly and boring than you will act that way. So start believing you are worth it, and other people will believe it too!

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thanks for the advice dizzymeg but im not just giving up like that.


ive loved her since around december 2003. we got close around new yrs eve - march then i saw her doing all the same things she was doing with me with another guy

didnt take it too well, became secluded, withdrawn, etc


then about may i became involved with another girl. then this same girl kinda started coming onto me again

(i was involved with another girl so i wouldnt dare be with both of them)


2 weeks later she went away to camp in america. i still thought about her a lot tho. then the other girl broke my heart and i was even more hurt.

i tried to stay friends with her but she didnt want to know me


and now im back to square one. still have feelings for her etc. the thing is that this is the 2nd time that all of this has happened. i love her so much but i dont know how to go about it. i couldnt just come out of the blue and tell her how i felt (unless i was drunk. considering it tho) shes a close friend and i dont want to lose a great friendship over this.


and no im not afraid to talk to her and im not afraid to just start talking to her about anything.

my previous sad post was brought on by a few things tho. i was the designated driver on sat night and she was drunk. she said the sweetest things and hugged more then i had ever been in my whole life ... BUT. the sad post was brought on because she started to apologise for being how she was. i kept telling her that it was ok and that i understood and all but kept apologising for it all.


am i just have to "take the bull by the horns" and come out and tell her how i feel about her?

i work with her so i see her on weekends, this may create akwardness or ruin the friendship

what should i do?

(we arent close enough to just go see a movie together, etc)

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thanks for the advice, but

if u read the earlier posts u would understand that this girl is a close friend and i work with her. i would ask her out but should she say no then i would RUIN a great friendship and create a lot of akwardness between us. but thatnk any way

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It is hard situation, i have only just resoveled something similar with a close friend. I had feelings for her but she was with someone else and we were very flirty and i wanted to tell her that i had feelings for her and the i care alot for her more than a friend. But i didn't tell her, i think she kinda guessed but i asked her if the flirting with each other was making her uncomfortable but it didn't but we don't flirt as much now but were still best friends. I know it's not the same but i was scared of telling her my feelings in-case it did anything to our friendship but i didn't but as i said i think she knew but were still close.


It can work out, if your really good friends then she will understand. Talk to her otherwise it's only going to keep hurting you until you either give up and get depressed or ask and just take what you get as a response from her.


Im sure that it will work out for you . Best of luck


- whitefang

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things have taken a great turn for the better / worse.

im not exactly sure.


i was just talking to this dude from work. he has told me that the girl i am in love with is "infatuated" with someone. he refused to say as he would be violating trust.

i dont know if it is me or if it is someone else


where do i go from here? i dont know what to think.



please help me all.

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The best thing for you to do is not to get yourself worked up over this, she might be infatuated with you and then she might not. With you not knowing then it's going to be difficult situation. Is there any way that you might be able to find out if it's you, otherwise your gonna have to chance asking her.


As with everything in life there is a risk, you just have to choose to either take it and find out the truth or just not ask and brood over it for a long time if your like me .


In the end it's up to you what you do, follow your heart and do what you think is right .


Hope this helps


- whitefang

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well the best thing has just gone out the door.

i try not to get worked up about this but i cant, i dont think there is a way of me finding out without the person i ask telling her that i inquired about it.

im not big on taking chances cos luck is never on my side


i think this could be one of those situations where i have to do it all and no one can help me.

im hoping its not.


i get the feeling that she is flirting with me, so that kinda makes me think that it could be me.

but then theres heaps of other ppls out there that it could be aswell.


what sort of things should i look for to tell if i could be me?


plz help whitefang, u seem to be the only person with deep thought out opinions and advice. many thanks for the advice so far

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